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New Off Road Park in West Virginia

King Knob

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Apr 20, 2013
King Knob off road park
Currently building trails, climbs and Drags Mud boggs and more

The main event will be a 4 wide race course for ProXtreme Buggys
Tenative race format will be
Friday open practice
Saturday timed event open to all competiors with winners and cash payout
Southern bouncer style with bounty hills to follow. Live music and entertainment
unlimited primative camping
Sunday ProXtreme buggy race on our custom designed course
Fastest 20 buggys from saturday automaticly qualified 5 lasts chance qualifier heats of the next 8 fastest
Competiors from saturday with 1 transfer spot in each 3 lap shootout
For a total of 25 buggys for a ten lap green to checkers $5000 to win no holds barred 4 wide wheel to wheel shootout
Not for the faint of heart this will be racing not clock watching

Feel free to voice opinions, concerns , ect

To see area on Google Earth
Type. (King Knob)in search bar hit enter
Also you can click on the little green mountian icon and take a tour of the property
I wondered when ya'll were going to get this going. :dblthumb:

Should be interesting! :****:
Separate course for SxS ,also will be multiple competitions going on
At any given time. Get board watching one thing go watch something different
For a while, one admission full access to all competition events.
All types of Buggys ,bouncers , ultra 4 ,truggys , trucks ect are welcome that's what the times runs
On Saturday will sort out.
Rules are safety only ie helmet, fire extinguisher , 5 point harness, no drinking while competing , ect
Just the standard stuff you are used to.

Engine : no limit as many as you want as big as you want superchargers, turbo's , nitrous , exotic race fuels , OK
Get the idea

We kill trees to build trails not write rule books.
no in the building stages now
looking at begining of July for the first big race
going to do some trail rides until then
Going to hit some trails and climbs , rocks tomorrow at King Knob
Anyone in the area come on out
Always alot of SxS out there
I'm interested in this , been anxious for stuff like this to move within driving distance for us and looks like this would be 6 hours or so witch is doable for a weekend Trip for me, I'd love to let the ol smith buggy eat on some competitions :woot: :driving:
what?? have you ever been to a dirt late model race? buggy's are built alot stronger than stock car's. or are you talking about something else?
Please elaborate as safety is our main concern.
25 buggies racing at once on a track, all having huge open wheels and tires just waiting to run up on another buggy. To each his own but this just seems like a very good spectator race but a VERY dangerous race to be in. Most of our buggies are very heavy and have a **** load of power it wouldnt take but a second for something to go wrong and someone to get seriously hurt.And with no real specs for the buggies to be built around and inspected to like roundy cars or drag cars your no doubt going to get some involved that aren't quality built. It is an out of the box idea and I applause that but I think it's going to have to have some serious safety precautions taken regarding the rigs racing to be able to with stand the wrecks and impacts that are going to happen,
I don't see it getting much worse than some of these...


Some hard hits in there....And Bobby's "lawn dart" into that bank at DTOR has to be one of the hardest I've ever seen.

At the same time...Two 44" tires getting together in a SxS race....Somebody gonna get a hell of a ride.
as with any form of racing it's not for everyone
the safest form of racing is to watch it from your couch, but for the select few that is not an option
that is the 25 that will be left out of the single qualifiers on sat via the format

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