Pimp juice?

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The Luke

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Maybe this is a thing and I’m just late to the game. But I was bs’ing with Lightbndr about some wore out tires and we got to joking about street outlaws putting pimp juice in their burnouts to make the tire stickier. What’s to stop that from working in the rock crawling world? Besides the lack of immediate burnout to practical use time frame. Would it totally destroy a set of tires?
What the heck is it made of? Acetone, maybe? Other options? Maybe it’s worth trying on a wore out set of Thornburds?


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Dr. Pepper.... lacquer thinner.....brake fluid.....basically anything that can and will degrade rubber. Won't really work for offroad tires. Ever dropped your chewing gum on dirt before? Yeaaaa.....

Broke folk like me used to use the stuff on old autocross or road race tires that were near the end of their life. Those tires would still have some rubber left on them, but after they go through tons of heat cycles the rubber just gets hard. Pouring all that shit on them/letting them soak would get you a few more races out of them but then the tires would start to chunk out and fall apart.


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Transmission fluid, simple green, and acetone have been used for years to prep tires on asphalt. Doesn't work as well on dirt and mud


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Lol i'm not speaking about my tires specifically. Just didn't know if that was maybe happening with some of the racers or whatever.
We'd never know about the racers since their Tech is super secret and shrouded in mystery...

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