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Rice Trailers


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Oct 18, 2011
Anybody have any experience with Rice trailers? I just "bought" one and don't know much about them. It is an 18+2 10K lb car hauler.
I bought one of the Rice 18+2 14k equipment trailers from the Pelham Big Tex dealer couple months back pulled home great haven’t looked at it since. I thought they looked like a well built trailer,I told a buddy about them but local dealer I bought mine from sold out of all the Rice equipment trailers and half the car haulers in 2 days. I did notice the last batch of them they got in a week or two back price went up $400-500 dollars also.


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May 31, 2013
I own a rice trailer that's exactly how you describe it. I've towed with it to California and back and all over missouri and then some. Overall it's been a really good trailer and i've had very few issues with it. That being said i'll tell you about the couple of times it has caused some problems. Last time driving through Oklahoma the trailer jack lost it's bolt and was dragging on the highway. i noticed it throwing sparks and pulled over. wasn't a big deal i had tools along with me and fixed it on the spot. The other issue i had with it was when towing through a bit of rough terrain i managed to pull the wiring harness down a bit and had to tuck it back up and secure it to the trailer. Again not a big deal as i pay pretty close attention when i tow and take trips with it. The front toolbox hinges are crap and i've had to fix them. Personal advice on it would be pay attention to all the fasteners for the first few times you tow and periodically check them after. it tows nice and with the land cruiser on it and the tundra hauling it really is perfect for my set up.
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