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For Sale Rock Bouncer Buggy


Aug 20, 2016
Rock Bouncer Buggy $40K
Located In North GA
possible trade for family friendly trail rig
IMG 2019

All DOM chassis .120 and .188 mix
7075 links
95% 43 TSL Sticky's
17in Raceline Beadlocks
Anti rock sway bar with aluminum links
Corbeau seats
Sidewinder shifter
Fox coilovers
Fox bumps
Rear mounted radiator

Axles -
14 bolt front and Rear
300m 35 spline RCVs
Retubed for pass drop
SOLID inner kingpin Cs
SOLID kingpin knuckles
WOD spring eliminator kit
WOD drive flanges
1410 u-joints
PSC double ended ram

Lq4 6.0 ls
Holley Terminator x ECU
Ported heads
Aluminum intake
BTR rocker are trunion upgrade
BTR push rods
Big lope cam (not sure specs)
ARP head Studs
Aftermarket oil pan
Custom headers
Custom fuel cell
Holley fuel pump

Trans -
FTI stage 3 TH400
reverse manual valve body
Derale trans cooler W/Fan

Twin stick 205

IMG 2018
IMG 2017
IMG 2022
Buggy 5
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