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Salvage 10

All this, so I can totally **** up my floor and firewall. I know in my head how I want i to be, but will never be able to make the goal.

So, figured Id slowly start working on the S10 again want to do floors and firewall next. Then thought don't have intake figure out yet.
So, had the 90°s but no 4" tube, 80s model Chevy Square body has a 4" drive shaft in case you need to know. Ithought it would be temporary it's not going to be.
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Brings new meaning to Heavy Duty Intake :rolf:

And really like that tailgate :dblthumb:
Is your engine solid mounted? How about the body? Seems like you would want the intake mounted to the engine, not the body?
Just a picture showing I've been working on it, and I will say the struggle is real!
Still got a way to go, this sheet metal work is really testing my patience:rolf:
Not exactly S10 related yet!
Built a swing out generator mount that will clear camper door, hated having it without a spot. Got to get a shorter pivot bolt

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