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Bike cranks and runs fine, could ride if all controls were back in place. Euro bars, comes with new brake pads, new smaller capacity brake master for better braking. The larger original mc doesn't allow for near the "bite" when braking. New agm battery. Pods vs original air box but think I have air boxes. Missing one blinker stalk. Harbor Freight platform lift an20191006_124657.jpg20191006_124718.jpg20191006_124707.jpg20191114_173511.jpg20191006_124652.jpg20191006_124724.jpgd smaller motorcycle scissor jack and loading ramp also for sale. Price is firm. Just tired of fooling with it. Will sell platform lift and loading ramp separate.

$1000 for all or just bike

$200 for platform lift
$100 for loading ramp
Condition: Fair

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