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wheel and tire combo for the rocks and trails


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Sep 18, 2011
what offset and beadlock wheel tire combo is everyone running that seems to hold up pretty well? looking to make my 1000xp4 a little wider and dig a little better... the ole bighorns done shat the bed both have cut sidewalls and leak down over the week... looking into roctanes or the sticky sx's for new set up or ??? thinking about 30x10x14 or 32's pro's cons?.. wonder what everyone is running for offset that seems to work best? 4+3, 3.5+3.5, 2+5? new to the utv game just seeing what everyone else is running and also best place to buy :fish: pics too if ya got em


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Sep 13, 2016
Most of what you will find in the mainstream wheel manufacturers will be 4x3 which will widen you by around 2" on each side. It will give you a bit more stability, but it will increase your wear on ball joints, tie rods, etc. I wouldn't say it is a deal breaker but worth mentioning. I wanted Walker Evans wheels which would have kept me close to factory specs, but I was able to save over $50 a wheel by going with MSA wheels.

I have Pro Armor Crawler XG tires in the 32x10x14 flavor and like them so far. Got the set for under $760 shipped. Some other tires to consider would be STI Roctane, Maxxis Carnivore, BFG KR2, ITP Blackwater Evolution, Arisun Aftershock, and tons of other options. Rocky Mountain ATV or Discount Tire would be able to show you a ton available tires. I'm not sure that they will have the best prices, though.

Below is a shot of mine.



Oct 28, 2010
Rainsville, AL
Cheapest place is KJ Motorsports, bought mine there. If you find a cheaper place, lemme know. Mine are 30x10x14, measure a little over 29" with only 8psi, run true with about 15 psi. EFX Motoclaw 8 ply radials. Badass tires, they grip everything and tough as ****. I have wrinkled and pinched my up several times, no cuts. I am running the STI HD5 beadlocks, best bang for yer buck there too. Order an extra splined lug socket if you order wheels too, in case you break one like I did.

I almost went woth bighorns, almost went with blackwater evo's, almost went with Roctanes, and almost went with the Intimidators. But REALLY satisfied with the Motoclaws. They dig and clean out well, great dry grip on rock and tough sidewalls.

Fun fact, all 8 ply tires are not created the same. The Blackwaters are one of the lightest 8 plies out. This is because there is no standard for plies in these tires. I would bet the SuperATV Intimidators, which are 6 ply, are probably tougher than the Blackwater 8 ply.

Pics of my motoclaws.






They even crawled Boat Ramp! .....not. haha.



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Sep 4, 2010
I have Raceline beadlocks with 30" roctanes I run around 2 pounds of air in them and have never cut one down. The only thing I don't like is the width, I wish it was a little narrower so I'm thinking about selling the racelines and going with the STI beadlocks. Only reason I don't like the width is mine wont drive in my trailer and fit between my wall and cabinet.


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Dec 23, 2010
For trail duty I haven't been happier than with these 32 Mongrels @ 5 psi and no locks. I don't do mud so I can't speak how they would do there. Skip to a one minute and 35 seconds and you can see the difference between a 30&32. The blue machine is on 32's where the one behind it with the camera is on 30's. I will say this if you're into big hill killing or high speed you won't like them,COG is too much IMO on the tall ones. I will switch back to 29's or 30's on race days.
Btw,these wheels were on the machine and I have no idea the offset,I do know it's a squeeze on a trailer 6 wide