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YJ question


Sep 14, 2023
Just bought a 1991 YJ with a vortex 8 it’s been well maintained. It is manual and can this be used for wheeling I am told I can drive on street . But I see conflicting information. Can you help me with what is true ? Thanks


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There are a lot of factors that determine what makes a vehicle street able. I personally consider a vehicle can be driven on the street if it will generally go the way I want, has a known and consistent braking distance and a cop will not immediately turn around and stop if he sees it. A little more info on drivetrain etc would be helpful. Based on your picture, it looks more street than offroad.
What is street legal very much depends on where you live. Emissions, fender coverage, lift laws. There are loads of reasons that a vehicle might not be considered legal, all dependent on local laws, and law enforcement.