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    Cut Off Wheel Thickness???

    I just bought a new Makita 5" angle grinder and it came with a 5" cut off wheel. It's 5" x .032" x 7/8". Its much thinner than what I have used in the past. I think the ones I have used are at least twice that thick. I'm wondering if the thinner ones might be better? They look pretty...
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    Feb Jam 2021 - Sat 6

  3. 98TJ

    Coalmont TN OHV New Park info

  4. 98TJ

    San Juan Mtns Sept 2020

    Don't think I would have wanted to be on Black Bear with the ice and snow.
  5. 98TJ

    San Juan Mtns Sept 2020

    Two videos from our recent trip to the Silverton, Co area.
  6. 98TJ

    Hale Mtn - SEER Nightmare on Hale Mtn Extreme Enduro

    .......in the dark........in the rain.....
  7. 98TJ

    Hale Mtn November 14

  8. 98TJ

    Hale Mtn - SEER Nightmare on Hale Mtn Extreme Enduro

    I'm surprised how many of them were on 2-strokes. Weight I guess.
  9. 98TJ

    2 & 4 post lifts

    Had the same question. https://www.hardlinecrawlers.com/threads/car-lift-asymmetric-vs-symmetric.62061/#post-749257
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    Pedal Commander for 2500HD 6.0?

    I thought about getting one of those things for our 2015 JK w/manual tranny. That thing has such pedal lag at start up its ridiculous. And the motor is so damn quiet, you almost have to watch the tach to get started on a hill. I just hate to spend $300 to fix another one of Jeep Inc's **** ups.
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    Welding Gas Tanks

    That helps. Thanks for the replies.
  12. 98TJ

    Welding Gas Tanks

    I have 2 old small acetylene tanks, size B. They are about knee high. I also have 2 old small oxygen tanks, size R, 20 cubic feet. They are slightly shorter than the acetylene tanks. These are smaller tanks comonly used in the HVAC repair industry. I acquired these tanks about 30 years ago...

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