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Got accepted to the FB group. Looks like mainly street jeep stuff for the most part. Youre welcome to join my group on FB also if you want. Windrock Buggy Riders, dedicated buggy page and ignorance mainly. I host multiple rides a years called the terrible rides. This year I am hosting them at harlan and aop, a 24 hour ride at windrock, and a competition at windrock.
I miss-understood your original post lol, I thought you were looking for a group to ride with. Our FB page is mostly street stuff. In our club forum there is about a dozen or so of us that have buggy or buggy type jeeps (v8's on 42's) that try to get out once a month. I will check out your page though. I could be interested in a ride at AOP, since it's only 2 hours from me lol.
Do you know anyone who is racing a TJ in 4600 class? I have some question and do not know who to ask.