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    43s & wheels

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    43s & wheels

    Bump Respectable real offer?
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    43s & wheels

    43s non stickies 17x9.5 Racelines 8x6.5 Low useage, no tears damage or repairs $2500 Knox 865 456 3325
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    Stak 32 spline input

    im also looking for a 32 spline input, and adapter for a th400 what did you find out bro?
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    Sold/Expired bbc mock up engine p-ayr

    does anyone have a big block chevy long block, plastic mock up motor they might like to sell? 865-456-3325
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    Sold/Expired want: stak 3 speed

    this can vary from someone selling one, a broken one, or someone has one out of a rig i could borrow for 2 days, im in knoxville maybe a long shot but worth a try 865-456-3325
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    Sold/Expired cr500af for sale

    frame mods were done by laughner racing...cant remember the name, one of the top vendors on bannedcr500riders forum, his work looks better than hondas, billet Y, new cradle tubes, billet mounts, billet head mount, new radiators modded to use 500 hoses, tons of new parts when i did the swap the...
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    Sold/Expired can anyone tell me why my cr500af for sale post keeps getting deleted?

    i wont argue that im dumber than a box of rocks......buy boy......youve got a whole lot of ads that need a movin then boys dont single me out cuz im old fat n white....get on em!
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    Sold/Expired can anyone tell me why my cr500af for sale post keeps getting deleted?

    im old and have a flip phone....so what am i missing?
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    Sold/Expired cr500af for sale

    91 donor, built on 02 cr250 frame, frame modes professionally done billet Y and new cradle radiators new and modded to use 500 hoses tons of new parts and some trick parts $3800 in knoxville 865-456-3325
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    Sold/Expired cr500af for sale

    91 donor 01 cr250 chassis, frame conversion was a billet Y and new cradle tubes and billet mounts so motor sits flat not tilted si airbox and pipe are happy needs nothing, all new bearings, some trick parts knoxville $3800 865-456-3325
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    Sold/Expired 17" alum wheels and stauns, will seperate

    17 x 8.5 procomp extremes 8 lug, been wheeled so not for a mall crawler but functionally fine 17" stauns internal beadlocks $600 for both or $300 each knoxville, 865-456-3325
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    Sold/Expired 17x8 pro comps 8 lug with stauns $600

    still got them........make an offer?