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  1. Andrews2007

    Anyone going to be at AOP this week/weekend?

    I am planning on coming down Friday after work. Don't know if we will wheel Friday night or just Saturday. We will have 3 buggies and a side by side with us for sure. Text me at 615-495-0893 if you would like and i'll let you know our plans
  2. Andrews2007

    Looking for a buggy

  3. Andrews2007

    Looking for a buggy

    Close this one out. bought one over the weekend.
  4. Andrews2007

    Looking for a buggy

    i would rather have one complete but would look at one that needs to be finished.
  5. Andrews2007

    Looking for a buggy

    This link didn't take me to an actual post
  6. Andrews2007

    Looking for a buggy

    I have seen that one and really like it but i really want a full tube chassis and not something with body panels.
  7. Andrews2007

    Looking for a buggy

    I am currently in the market for a tube chassis buggy. I know Facebook is normally where i would look for one but i am a little tired of getting on Facebook at the moment with all the BS that is currently on there. Below is a short list of what i am looking for. If you have one or know someone...
  8. Andrews2007


    super nice buggy. wish it was in my budget
  9. Andrews2007

    Where are they now?

    Does anybody know where snow white is now days?
  10. Andrews2007

    Who’s cousin is this?

    I rode with this buggy last weekend at Hale MT. It was definitely putting in work. It was keeping up with the V8 rigs.
  11. Andrews2007

    2020 Feb Jam at Hale Mtn

    does anybody know if @jrhall will be opening up his field for parking like he did last year?
  12. Andrews2007

    2016 XP 1000

    I am selling my 2016 XP 1000. It has a little under 1500 miles. ORB cage, rear bumper, roof and rock sliders Super ATV rear axles Super ATV front bumper 4 point quick release harnesses 14 inch beadlocks 30 inch roctane XD tires 32 inch light bar Spare Rhino 2.0 front axle 2 marine speakers and...
  13. Andrews2007

    Gooseneck/bumper pull

    It has 2 7k dexter axles with 14ply tires
  14. Andrews2007

    Gooseneck/bumper pull

    If you might be interested I will have a 25ft LoadMax gooseneck for sale in the next couple of weeks.
  15. Andrews2007


    I sent you a text.

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