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    4.5 Grinders

    Just get several. Problem solved.
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    Comment by 'Cerebrum' in album 'Test'

    testing 123
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    Official "Post your trail riding pics" Thread

    A couple of my favs
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    I have the speakers in the dash and two pioneer box speakers on the kick panels. I relocated the E-Brake to the center of the cab.
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    I don't like Jerry cans LOL Seems like a hassle. I use to have two cells with two gauges and a shuttle valve. Total PITA. Made this one with aluminum diamond plate, has baffles and sump. Very cool having one tank.
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    The tire carrier.
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    My Junk
  11. Garage rear.jpg

    Garage rear.jpg

  12. Garage angle front.jpg

    Garage angle front.jpg

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    welding helmet

    I prefer speedglas with the grinding shield. Haven't had to go to the eye doctor since I've owned one. Now that I have to have readers I like it even more. Worth every penny.https://store.cyberweld.com/3msp91fxwehe1.html
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    How are you balancing your tires?

    I don't do ****. Never had a problem. I do run internal bead locks. Requires the seam to be opposite the air valve pack . Not sure if that has anything to do with it. My PBR's come balanced.

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