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    Sold/Expired Rear Engine Zuk Buggy 07480 NW NJ

    Re: Rear Engine Zuk Buggy 07480 NW NJ ***SOLD*** ***SOLD**** thanks hardline!
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    Sold/Expired Rear Engine Zuk Buggy 07480 NW NJ

    Selling to build my 'ol zuk... Kicker 3 Doubler twin stick 4.16 sammi t-case (divorced-allow rear dig) Solid Axle Toyotas. Front 5.29 spooled (inverted, so pinion high) Rear 5.29 ARB (inverted, so pinion high) rear line lock sway a way air...
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    Water in tires

    what's easiest way to get the water out? valve stem @ 6 o'clock and a small tube down inflator with valve removed? break down tires/beadlocks? drill and plug hole? :P lol any ideas?
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    Samurai leaf spring tech

    yj's front and rear, push the front forward 1", cheap shocks, and some decent seats = 'cloud of titties' (or as close as you can get leafed) ruf won't flex as much
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    Sold/Expired Zuk $1500

    one moar
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    Sold/Expired Zuk $1500

    here you go, Jason:
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    Sold/Expired 28ft gooseneck

    elizabeth city, nc
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    Overtired Kick

    happy anniversary; year and a day! keep going! thumb.gif
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    Emergency shutoff switch?

    easy. http://www.amazon.com/Seachoice-11681-Universal-Switch-Lanyard/dp/B002MW0P5E
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    Re: I'm finally back home great story; it's amazing what we can 'hear' when removed from all the distractions of 'everyday' life. gonna hug my wife for putting up with; well, all of me!...thanks!
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    Bend-Tech software

    actually they have sales couple times a year, and also if you shop their authorized distributors, you sometimes find them selling it for $50 less than at the BT site... not too hard to use, calibrates to any bender, I like it.
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    grinder spanner wrenches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I usually just grab it with a glove but here you go; 5 bucks shipped, universal, adjustable http://www.ebay.com/itm/271025761620?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
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    Samurai Transfer Case Slop and Chatter

    Re: Pull it apart. It's easy, and you have to anyways... There used to be directions on trail gears website sent from an anus from an asus
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    Sold/Expired Buggy chassis $1200 FIRM come get it!!!!!!!!!!

    Re: Great deal. Staring at my 2.0>3spd>dblr>sammi tcase and wondering on fit... The real problem is that it's laying next to 700 dollars of tube & steel...that won't bend itself! sent from an anus from an asus
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    Does color really matter?

    if it don't come in rustoleum hammered, it's not a 'real' color... ;D