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  1. Eddyj

    Kid crawler

  2. 91E1954E-9353-43B9-A3B4-4DADFF7F0CB0.jpeg


  3. 96766BC3-F43D-4012-AA6B-81E526DD4D24.jpeg


  4. 425E919C-1C19-4C16-9B13-5A4818F38197.jpeg


  5. 359157BC-FC3B-48E7-97BF-3E08D3EAF0B3.jpeg


  6. 487FB896-32EB-4581-BF54-E66DADFB4E9E.jpeg


  7. FB71E747-A37E-4C0D-8D00-60A36EA43EFD.jpeg


  8. EDAFE991-4059-4103-962E-37D73758BE93.jpeg


  9. A24E6825-C2FA-40BC-9FE5-4D3B00BB8020.jpeg


  10. 812551FC-FC50-442B-BB33-4CBFBEF50650.jpeg


  11. Eddyj

    Kid crawler

    No service where I’m working to load pics
  12. Eddyj

    Kid crawler

    Me? I’ve been working my ass off trying to keep my business alive. Luckily through this forum I’ve met some good people and one of them is finishing this up. I’ve abandoned the super cheap budget and dump a little cash into parts.
  13. Eddyj

    Kid crawler

    In a weird turn of events this thing should be ready for a test drive within a month or two. No thanks to myself. I suckered a friend into working on it and he is killing it. Updates and pics soon
  14. Eddyj

    1971 lemans

    Hell to the naw
  15. Eddyj

    1971 lemans

    Sold the lemons!!! Got full asking price. Drove it an hour and half to drop it off to the guy it ran great. I drove it like a complete asshole the entire way. They were waiting in the parking lot of a sketchy business to do the deal. Before o met them I did a big ass burnout, kind of hoping it...

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