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  1. j-mox

    New guy checkin in

    Welcome! Lots of people on here from Alabama
  2. j-mox

    KOH 2021

    Maybe Bureau of Land Management could sue the other for copyright infringement now.
  3. j-mox

    KOH 2021

    The picture in picture sucks. Cash Lecroy did pretty good. Ryan Webb just broke
  4. j-mox

    Random Thoughts

    And you know they will get it too
  5. j-mox

    Baby mudders

    Ebonics maybe He is buddies with the Tidwells so that is probably where he has heard of Cape. They live about 15 miles from here
  6. j-mox

    Baby mudders

    Cape Girardeau
  7. j-mox

    Baby mudders

    Too bad you aren’t traveling thru Missouri. I’ve got a set of 31“ BFG Mud KM2’s we could work a deal on. Probably 1/2 tread or better
  8. j-mox

    Random Thoughts

    I bought a box of 350 for $18 a few weeks ago and I thought that was high.
  9. j-mox

    Jeep newb question?

    Yes for 3rd brake light
  10. j-mox

    Jeep newb question?

    My Jeep has them also. It matches with another set on the rear door it is for brake light since there are no wires.
  11. j-mox

    Trailer suspension

    I got a set of Equa-Flex on my camper. Same concept but less complex design. I was looking to make it as smooth as possible to prevent shaking stuff around on inside and in cabinets. Not sure how much it really helped, but couldn’t have hurt anything. I got mine on ebay new but “scratch n dent”...
  12. j-mox

    Flat Fender Jeep project wanted

    That is an excellent price for the work that has been done to it. I would love to have that!
  13. j-mox

    Rock Rods the Show about Rock Racing

    I really like seeing the course set up lately. Makes it more of a driver competition now. Not just point and shoot like it had turned in to
  14. j-mox

    Rare Jeep Parts

    Get ready to pay up for FC parts if the person knows what they have. Not a cheap one to work on with the rarity of them. They could try Kaiser Willys website if it is for smaller parts to get it going. They have a good selection of hard to find pieces. May have to call them direct for FC. I’m...
  15. j-mox

    '48 Willys CJ-2a build

    Looks like a really nice windshield frame! Most I see have had repairs over the years or missing parts. Good find

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