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    Trailer deck treatment

    Nothing to do with the wood but with it sitting outside I would invest in tire covers for the spare and the axles. The sun takes a toll on tires
  2. jp fan

    Night riding lights

    To me this is the best way to go 4-5 under any rig in the right spots and your ready. Them little ones are ok for some spots but they don’t like pressure washing and the little tiny wires are just now real off-road friendly. You can use just these at night along with park lights and it helps...
  3. jp fan

    Ultra4 – Battle in Bluegrass - March 25-26, 2022 @ Dirty Turtle

    It sure is odd that it has happened so many times and it seemed to me that it was a good place to put on a race plenty of parking and areas to view the cars. Who knows what will happen to the whole new outfit. I hope it all works out and they do good with it and really excel but I worry it...
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    Ultra4 – Battle in Bluegrass - March 25-26, 2022 @ Dirty Turtle

    I am wondering if they changed back to Rush all of sudden because DTOR is up for sale? Did this new company like Rush better? I can’t believe they changed so fast
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    Question on selling a buggy out of state.

    If a cashier check was all they had then I would meet at the bank and have it worked through the bank just to make sure no one gets messed over
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    A/T Tow Rig Tires

    I bought a set of Falken AT3W for my Chevy 2500 a couple years ago. I don’t have many miles on them but they are quite and been great on wet roads. They are a deeper tread than most other comparable tires. I would imagine they will be great in snow but haven’t had enough in my area to try...
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    Help me find "Deep End"- Poolman's buggy!

    That’s great you were able to go to the funeral and be there with her from the off road community and as a friend.
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    DT466 or Cat 3126? Any diesel techs?

    For reliability and starting every day the 466 but most is 215-230 hp definitely no power house but a 2 speed rear end will help a lot. The cat IMO is more noisy and is not as easy to service but probably has a little more hp but also cat parts are never cheap. I had a 96 IH for a service...
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    Need a muffler recommendation for Jeep 2.5L...

    I have used a Trimph sport bike muffler on 2 different vehicles one a Jeep with a 6 cylinder. Pretty thin and has three outlets not to loud has good brackets on it to bolt a mount on and can usually find them cheap on eBay
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    Anyone going to Rush, KY for Anniversary Bash and Ultra4 Racing???

    I had planned on going but contacted them yesterday and said there wasn’t any more tickets available. I had no idea there was a set limit for people to watch it Saturday but I am glad I called before I drove up there. Hopefully next year will make it happen
  11. jp fan

    Sept 30-Oct 3 Hardline Memorial Ride Harlan,KY

    It is not uncommon for the Putney cabins to stay booked on the weekends till Thanksgiving or so. The fall season is a busy time for the park. He has opened up a new one this year though that looks extremely nice. Truck camping isn’t bad
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    Tig rig recommendations

    I don’t have experience with one but I have been looking and like the Hobart. Looks very simple to use and since Miller makes it I figure it is a well built machine, especially for a home/hobby machine.
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    I listen to the Unashamed pod cast ( Phil Robertson) and family. Also Talent Tank - How To BBQ Right - and depends on topic or guest Racing on the rocks.
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    Komatsu PC-01

    Yes the 01 was made for working inside structures and going through stairway and tight places in Japan. You may find one around here but it would likely be a gray market machine
  15. jp fan

    Offroad Odometer

    I like an hour meter on a off-road rig just to keep up with maintenance and so forth. Just wire one in to a ignition hot