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    Gas or Diesel??

    3.73 When I bought it, it had 285s on it and I pulled our smaller camper ok. I went back to 245s after the first time pulling the bigger one though.
  2. jwilson645

    Gas or Diesel??

    Sounds likeI need to get some tuning done before I consider changing parts out.
  3. jwilson645

    Gas or Diesel??

    It's a 6L. I typically keep it in manual mode locked in 5th while daily driving anywhere except interstate, That 6th gear is high. Towing, I'm in manual 4th (1:1) with tow/haul mode engaged.
  4. jwilson645

    Gas or Diesel??

    Only if I had one of them 4 bolt main tree fiddies in a 75 Camero.......................:cool: I was looking at the truck cam from Brian Tooley Racing (or similar). Pretty much anything bigger moves the torque up in the rpm range, which NOT what I want. Just looking for what others may have done.
  5. jwilson645

    Gas or Diesel??

    You guys with the 6.0LS, have you made any mods to the engine or trans for towing? I pull a 37' travel trailer with my 2008 2500HD and so far I've only upgraded my trans cooler but been thinking about changing out the cam. The fact that it doesn't really "go" until it hits 3k rpm due to the VVT...
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    '48 Willys CJ-2a build

    Been kind of a slow go with a full time day job that has been kicking my ass and my blacksmith business but we've got the front axle out for a rebuild. One side was pretty nice and had the original Bendix jointed axle in it. J-mox had already been in it and put new brakes on that side. The other...
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    Kid crawler

    Since you're talking about Trackers.......I just came across this on CL https://knoxville.craigslist.org/pts/d/cosby-geo-tracker-and-suzuki-samurai/7218041803.html
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    '48 Willys CJ-2a build