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    Black Friday 2021

    Tirebuyer.com is having some big Black Friday deals. Order through Rakuten and get 15% cash back. Just ordered my wife some tires for her sequoia. $1400 tires came out about 1000 with the cash back
  2. Markrobinson

    Sell whole or part out completely? A community opinion.

    Put it to you this way: if you sell it altogether, there’s a 75% chance the buyer parts it out for a profit.
  3. Markrobinson

    Engine swap...options

    The 4.0 makes a lot of sense - but it wouldn’t look like you did anything at all. Would probably make more power and be cheaper than most of the options you mentioned.
  4. Markrobinson

    Hale Closed.

    Trying to decide on ditching our oldest boy‘ first soccer game of the season to ride or not.
  5. Markrobinson

    Hale Closed.

    Thanks for representing us in talking to them. Sucks you couldn’t persuade them otherwise but I understand where they are coming from.
  6. Markrobinson

    Hale Closed.

    I wonder if they’re going to allow it to be rented occasionally or if they have different plans for the place? Looks like there are hunting leases around them.
  7. Markrobinson

    Hale Closed.

    We need to detour here before it’s gone!
  8. Markrobinson

    Hale Closed.

    God I hope not. When we were there the last open ride date they were clearing space that someone said was camping, but it looked like lots to me. I hope you got bad intel
  9. Markrobinson

    Anyone here with a 2JZ-GTE vvti swap?

    This This gives me hope I’m planning an equally stupid swap of a newer Nissan engine into an older Nissan. Probably going to have a Tupperware of wadded up wires and ecu under the dash.
  10. Markrobinson

    enclosed trailer drama- what to do

    I don’t know, if they held my money for 6 months I’d be screaming for something more than a refund. How many deal opportunities did he miss waiting on them for **** around for 6 months and not deliver?
  11. Markrobinson

    Newbies Post Up Here - Rig Specs & Info Thread

    Somehow doubt you’re the first. This thing seems to have a lot of fans
  12. Markrobinson

    Labor Day Weekend 2021 - Who - What - When - Where?

    Dafaq does bolt-checked mean?
  13. Markrobinson

    Coalmont TN OHV New Park info

    I’m interested in what will come of the cove. Seems to me like the Coalmont park is a way to buy off people from riding the cove. I bet fences and tickets from Twra come when it’s fully open.
  14. Markrobinson

    Anybody riding the cove?

    We just visited this weekend for our first time, with some seasoned pros who have rode the cove countless times. It’s awesome scenic riding with plenty of shady spots to let the kids skip stones in the water. We managed to get through with a buggy, Cherokee buggy thing, pathfinder buggy thing...
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