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  1. peanut

    Air shocks vs coilovers

    if you decide on air shocks i would get the 2.5 instead of 2.0
  2. peanut

    Daytona 500

    and no beer sponsored cars this year
  3. peanut

    How many places have you run?

    hale aop tellico mountain side aetna golden moutain greyrock harlan durhamtown jellico windrock pirvate land
  4. peanut

    group of rock crawlers coming from cols ohio to ride tenn need advice

    if your doing AOP might as well hit up busted knuckle its just 30 45 minutes on down the road
  5. peanut

    Alternate buggy trails at Windrock

    Atomic Ridge is a good trail
  6. peanut

    AOP - Toy Run - December 9, 2017

    good seeing you again too Marc yeah i guess it did
  7. peanut

    AOP - Toy Run - December 9, 2017

    if my boy dosent have wrestling on sat. i should be able to go comeing in from cleveland
  8. peanut

    which dana 60 axle u joints to buy

    Tony they will till you start breaking them often
  9. peanut

    Harlan Memorial Weekend

    withrow take plenty on pics
  10. peanut

    propane troubleshooting...

    and dont spray break clean on any of them diaphrams
  11. peanut

    AOP 04-16-16

    yeah thats 42 we broke axles and knuckles on that darn rock
  12. peanut

    who wants to ride april 15th-16th

    few of us going to aop
  13. peanut

    Tsl groove patterns

    how long did it take to sweep all that rubber up
  14. peanut

    Disney World (a hopefully unbiased opinion on the joint)

    me and the family headed there in oct. our 1st trip