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    Reign of Rocks Trail Rig Crawling Comp

    Lol. I would have put money on one of those fellas being you. Copy on the ghey BFG's. I agree!
  2. scooter60

    Reign of Rocks Trail Rig Crawling Comp

    I really like this video series. Looks like a great time to me. Pretty sure I saw @alscott in part two doing some spotting and my buddy Jason is the first driver in each episode. If you've never met or wheeled with Jason, you're missing out. Great fella!
  3. scooter60

    Optima Batteries

    I've been using a Duracell AGM for several years with no issues. It will set for long periods of time and always seems to have plenty of cranking power. I bought mine at Sam's for like $130. It has both top post and side terminals.. They are a Deka made battery and fits the Odyssey style...
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    Proud Dads

    My little girl got hitched this weekend. Proud Dad moment for sure. Added a son to the family and couldn't be happier!
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    Transmission cooler in front of radiator?

    GM and Ford both have been running factory trans coolers in that orientation for years with no issues. I have replaced them in trucks before after front end collisions and never bled them. Mine is mounted in the same orientation in my rig and my trans has never been over 190°. Never bled it...
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    Tom Woods offset u joints??

    I am running one on my front shaft at the transfercase end. I have broken spicer lifetime joints in my axles but never one of these. I do run 1410 driveshafts and I am a pretty conservative driver but with a heavy rig(5500) and 4:1 low/low range of my doubler, it has held up great. I do feel...
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    CL of the day

    And a spoil in the rear!molaugh
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    Sold/Expired GM Dana 60 and 14bolt factory 4.56 gears from CUCV Axles

    I have the gears I removed from my CUCV axles from my gear swap. I ran these gears up until about a year ago when I switched to 5.38s. They came from axles I removed from a CUCV I purchased through a government auction. The Dana 60 gears are Dana Spicer gears and are stamped as such. The 14bolt...
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    YJ needs a new Battery

    https://www.samsclub.com/p/duracell-agm-automotive-battery-group-size-78dtagm/prod3590233?xid=plp_product_1_23 I have been using these batteries in several vehicles and have been recommending them to a lot of people with no complaints. They are manufactured by DEKA on the same assembly line as...
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    Let's see your tow rig!!!

    That pig turned out great! Glad your happy with it and it was a pleasure to do it.
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    I disagree. With our lap belts on and pulled down tight, we have zero issue with the laps riding up due to the shoulders pulling them up. We have been in a rollover and didn't have any issues with the belts coming loose or riding up. We were actually very comfortable once the truck stopped...
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    I have PRP 5.3×2 harnesses. They are 5 point harnesses. The shoulder belts are 2" wide with sewn in pads that are 3" wide. The lap belts are 3" wide and the sub belts are 2" wide. I very seldom use the sub belt and will occasionally ride the access trails with just the lap belts on. We always...
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    For those familiar with Windrock- Trail Route Question

    Very true. They also asked to look in my glove box and a small dry bag my wife clips around my T-case shifters. Didn't ask to see in the backpack we had behind our seats but they may not have noticed it.

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