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    RPM (Revelation Prayer Ministry)

    God bless you for what you are doing. With the cultural rot that is happening today, it is refreshing to see someone stand up for Our Lord and Savoir, Jesus Christ.
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    Sold/Expired RE1444/1445 YJ Leaf springs 1.5" lift

    I have some, I'll have to check and see how many I have left.
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    14 hours on the Big Green Egg
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    Random Thoughts

    Re: Random Thoughts Never carry thumb tacks in your back pocket!
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    Scalia died today

    We lost a great Supreme Court justice today, we are screwed, Obama gets another rubber stamp! It's a sad day in America, God rest his soul, may he rest in peace.
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    Binge Worthy TV Series

    Homeland, and I sure miss Walter White!
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    Tom at Monster Tranmissions is a liar

    It took 72 hours and three phone calls but I got my money back. I called PTC and talked to Lane, it's nice to talk to someone who knows what we do and is confident his **** will hold up, the price was not bad either. Thanks to all the guys that recommended them, that's what's great about a forum...
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    Tom at Monster Tranmissions is a liar

    I told them what it was going in before I ordered it, I was told it didn't matter, so I ordered it thinking I would get their full warranty. As it turns out, it DOES matter what you put it. That, my friend constitutes a lie.
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    Tom at Monster Tranmissions is a liar

    As of last night I don't have my money back, what has pissed me off is being lied to, if they don't want to build me a trans that's their business, just don't lie to me!
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    Tom at Monster Tranmissions is a liar

    These guys will lie to you, they have had my money for two weeks and now they tell me they won't build the trans I ordered because of the pic I sent them. Tom told me, after I explained what it was going in, that it didn't matter what I put it in. When you order a trans online they ask you to...
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    Torque Wrench

    Make sure on the click style that you dial it back to it's lowest setting when you are through using it. If you keep tension on it all the time it will lose calibration.
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    **** Bowe Bergdahl

    And those who traded terrorist for him! ????