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    Haven't been on here much lately and was catching up to find this...Thoughts and prayers to all those in mourning. I have a hard time understanding these kind of things.
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    Wheels and overall width with 43s

    http://secure.trbeadlocks.com/17x8-125-45hd17beadlockwheel-2.aspx New Hardrock Trailready are 10" wheels with only one back spacing available, just for the larger demand for big tires. This is what I just ordered for the new rig. I decided to try the Trep 42s after being happy with 2 sets of...
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    Windrock Security

    So you pick up one bag every few years? :rolf:
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    Windrock Security

    We knew beer was not allowed, but on a Thursday.... we were good for sure. Soon as we hit the parking lot we got swarmed by a couple of security/police. They searched our coolers and found a case of beer. They explained the new rules and took our beer, we were pissed! Then dude walked up and...
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    Sway bar opinion

    Used one on buggy, was priced rite and good customer service. Arms are super beef too.
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    Sold/Expired SOLD Toyota Truggy 2rz engine/linked/dual cases/39 reds $6400 SOLD

    Re: Toyota Truggy 2rz engine/linked/dual cases/39.5s $6400 Pm sent
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    Tune in to Xtreme 4x4 next sunday

    Its Dark Night damnit!
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    CHOC anyone riding 4 30

    Rollin in this afternoon! Nate come by and have a drank this evening.
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    Good ol' derail

    Re: $$$$Money maker$$$$ I wonder if something broke? It took a hard hit in that second hill that looked like it bounced it funny to me. Reliability is a big part of making through a SRRS series, maybe money maker didn't have it.
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    Hardrock Offroad 2 Bounty Hills/ rock race/ WBD Feb 27

    Congrats to BJ Mac and Team Negrich on winning the two hill climbs. Steve Kraft and Kyle Boring for winning the rock races. http://youtu.be/scVB8pWx_1Q http://youtu.be/TCH4P252iDE?list=PLUSki1Y2QqcDzDKCZxQRF2uSXGo96bd7X
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    Who has the best deal on racelines?

    Goforth makes it ez! He's the man for wheels and tires.
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    Hardrock Offroad 2 Bounty Hills/ rock race/ WBD Feb 27

    Seat belts and helmets. We have a 37" noncomp tire and below class, and a over 37" comp tires allowed class. No full tub chassis in the rock race. Payout in Rick race is 150, 100, 25.
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    Hardrock Offroad 2 Bounty Hills/ rock race/ WBD Feb 27

    Weather is looking rite y'all! Break the ice and come get some of this FL money....if you can. :flipgotcha:
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    Hardrock Offroad 2 Bounty Hills/ rock race/ WBD Feb 27

    No fees to enter any of the hills or races, just the normal park entry fees. All registration will be done the day of the event. I'll pm my contact info to confirm any questions.