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    USA 6x6 wheels

    gonna have to post some pics. can't make sense of what you're asking. I've seen 2 piece wheels (usa6x6 and staworks) with the bolts installed both ways.
  2. TBItoy


    When you click on them they are full res. It lets the pages load faster being thumbnails What lockers and gears does it have?
  3. TBItoy

    Custom PRP seat garbage

    Yeah I've recommended PRP to people many times for custom seats. Years ago I had custom PRPs made that weren't "catalog" spec, and was surprised to hear that they didn't do that anymore, and even more surprised by the quality issues that people had.
  4. TBItoy

    Anyone know who built this truck ?

    The Jeep club meets at OCharlys here lol
  5. TBItoy

    Help with gearing/tq conv.

    Does the current gearing work for any situation? if your 5.3 is over cammed, you would probably be better served by putting in a cam with better low end torque. And do the magum. Lots of gear choices.
  6. TBItoy

    Race Yota 4653

    That sucks. Low pinion + spool = broke teeth
  7. TBItoy

    Built Toyota axels lockers 529 gears

    a truetrac isn't a locker.
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    KOH 2021

    I don't know man, I've seen some people with deep pockets do a lot more expensive things for a lot less fun/experience. But yeah 4600 is probably not the class you'd see many of those types in.
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    KOH 2021

    damn straight. I wonder how many 4600 cars actually show up to RACE and not just start the race to say "I ran KOH!!!"
  10. TBItoy

    KOH 2021

    probably not a terrible idea. looked like a bunch of them 2 door jeeps were about to flip over on that one rock climb (i only watched for 30 min or so)
  11. TBItoy

    KOH 2021

    No kidding, those speeds are nuts in an "uncontrolled" environment (not a racetrack with "safety walls", etc) 5 more years and you'll see 200mph on 50" tires with 2000hp and 48" of suspension...
  12. TBItoy

    KOH 2021

    I'll watch at it. I saw where Bryce Menzies was hitting 150+ mph in the awd TT. pretty badass.
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    14 bolt rear steer

    2.5 single will be noticeably slower on the big side
  14. TBItoy

    Toyota to Atlas 2wd vs 4wd info

    It’s not sealed. It just doesn’t have a dipstick. It has a fluid level check like a an axle or tcase.
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    Reconditioning shock bodies / rust?

    new bodies are zinc plated, you could get them replated, or you could get them nickel plated (of which there are lots of options, colors too)

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