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  1. waterchicken

    WTB TH400.

    Got one. Thanks Hardline
  2. waterchicken

    WTB TH400.

    Closer to Murfreesboro the better. Prefer a rebuildable core since I will have to tear it down to change output shafts anyways.
  3. waterchicken

    1991 Cherokee -- $7,000

    Ill make an offer. 900 bucks if you put new hatch struts on.
  4. waterchicken

    14 K Equipment trailers

    This is becoming more common with trailer manufacturers. They are taking the weight the trailer axles can take and adding that weight to what the tow vehicle will hold from the tailer, thus giving it a higher GVWR. Most newer horse trailers have tags like this.
  5. waterchicken

    4.5 Grinders

    I use the 40 dollar Hercules grinder from Harbor freight. VERY stout for a harbor freight tool.
  6. waterchicken

    NP241OR 4.1 TCASE 2007-2011 RUBICON

    I swapped one from a 2010 JK into my XJ with the AX15 if that means anything. Direct bolt in. Just doesn't have a speedometer anymore.

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