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    A little Peel-Out video yesterday

    If Heaven is this hot I need to rethink things..... Kidding. Thanks. It's a great place.
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    A little Peel-Out video yesterday

    Fun place to ride for sure. Thanks.
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    A little Peel-Out video yesterday

    My RZR has been in the hospital all summer. It's great to have it back. Enjoy http://youtu.be/5NysXRgOt5E
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    YAMAHA Wolverine

    http://www.wolverineforums.com/forum/15-wolverine-pictures-videos Meh......
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    GOPRO accessories

    Go Pro Quick Grip
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    So, what's new at Polaris?

    What's the rumor mill saying for the January releases?
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    Iphone 5 vs Galaxy S5

    Maybe you can get one of those real big ones that looks like a laptop while you are at it. ****ing gay.
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    Anybody Wheeling a RZR 1000 4 Seater?

    I have had an 800-4 and a 900-4......I would rock the **** out of a 1000-4.......you will fall in love. **** a buggy.
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    Body armor? Bullet proof vests?

    Spend the money you would spend on that **** on more bullets. Shoot more, you won't need that ****.
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    2015 RZRs

    27,000 is not out of line seeing what folks spend on them after they buy them. I guarantee you that RickyBs will be a 27,000 rig for the common man
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    2015 RZRs

    http://view.exacttarget.com/?j=fe5f1774746d067c7c17&m=ff001572766c05&ls=fdcf1570736306797414797764&l=fe6315777466017e7010&s=fe2217747c6c0578721272&jb=ffcf14&ju=fe2e10737263057c771775&WT.mc_id=&r=0 Super smart move to stick a detuned 900 in the S and kill the XP line. Desert model is pimp at...
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    What to buy?? Rzr 2 or 4

    The 900 is a huge upgrade over the 800 but I have not ridden a 1000 so I can't speak to that. I love the ride if the 4 versus 2 but they have the 1000 2 nearly as long as a 900 4
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    What to buy?? Rzr 2 or 4

    I love my 4 seaters. 900xp4 us a great machine. For your needs and if you won't keep it long just get the 2 seat 1000 Just get it and ride. Don't spend $5000 on mods.
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    Should I upgrade?

    Yeah for what I do, I need to leave it be.....its fun. I can't imagine I would get more out of my trails out of a 1000
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    Should I upgrade?

    Sounds like you are really right.....need to wait one more generation