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    Where the crap did they go?

    only thing i have left is a cable set up thats still in the box. nvr used it. Sold the built case too frenchi
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    Newbies Post Up Here - Rig Specs & Info Thread

    Welcome to HL! things are changing rather quickly here on the new site and black beard seems to be doing some good work. Pics should get easier to load soon.
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    Baddest Trail Rig in the Southeast.

    Id say mine is the most comfortable lol! AS far as best trail rig id say Cushmaneagle rider has one that's hard to follow!
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    New owner of Hardline Crawlers

    I am already liking the changes!!!! :shit:
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    RickyB when you gonna layout the RBD plan this year ?

    yup! just put a fresh coat of wax on her to help with that hawk pride mud! lol
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    Looking for my old Buggy

    That guy in the passenger seat is an outlaw!
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    RickyB when you gonna layout the RBD plan this year ?

    I gambled on it and booked a cabin a week in advance! got lucky :flipoff1: Looking forward to this weekend its always a blast!
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    Kids mini bouncer

    Any Pics?
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    Dumb question dumb topic. What you got

    LOL you sound like some Engineers I work with that over think every little thing. zip tie that thing and go!
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    uber to moab?

    most of us have a tandem dual gooseneck but only long enough for two rigs.
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    uber to moab?

    Thank you for that info! The reason I want to to ship it is bc my time is limited that I can take off and want to utilize my time off with wheeling instead of driving the majority of the trip. I am going to put some feelers out there soon for some rigs willing to haul and see what comes about.
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    uber to moab?

    Black Betty will be back in my hands this Friday!
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    uber to moab?

    So a few of us have been kicking around the idea for awhile now of going out west for a wheeling adventure. Wether it be the easter jeep safari, KOH, etc. Has anyone ever hired a big rig to haul their rigs out there and just fly out? It would more than likely be at least 3 rigs. Whats your thoughts?
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    Sold/Expired Ladybug. 1ton Toyota /4 link/39reds/ORIs (Sold)

    Re: Ladybug. 1ton Toyota /4 link/39reds/ORIs I have ridden with this rig a lot and it goes verywell! ive seen it do some sweet climbs! And the seller is a alright guy in my opinion lol. :woot:
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    Re: * HARDLINE CRAWLERS TEES & HOODIES Preorder * Got mine ordered! Thanks Man!