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  1. Warewolf SD

    1987 Peterbilt Motorhome

    1987 Peterbilt 362 Cabover Big Cam cummins Eaton 9 speed 80k air ride rears Class V 25000 number hitch 125 gallon diesel tank. Have a second one that goes with it DIY leveling jacks 50 gallon filtering gas station 35ft overall Camper on rear is welded to tube steel and bolted to frame of truck...
  2. Warewolf SD

    Opinions, chinese Goodyear mtr sticky or kr2

    Throwing this up for some experienced perspective. I have an opportunity to purchase Chinese Goodyear mtr sticky copies which are actually the winning tires of ultra 4 Europe or bfg kr2 stickies. Price is pretty much a wash wondering if anybody has opinions to help sway me one way or another? I...
  3. Warewolf SD

    Unflip dana 300

    I've tried searching and have been unable to find any info on unflipping a Dana 300. My good buddy has a Dana 300 that has 4:1 kit and has been flipped. Bought it that way with a jeep project. Is it possible to unflip and return it to passenger drop? I throw myself on the mercy of hard line for...
  4. Warewolf SD

    4L60 (bypassed the E) Help

    Reaching out since my buggy don't run and I cant be out playing in it today. Du I have a 4L60E that has a Transgo stick shift kit and a 46-MOD (vacuum modulated line pressure). It bypasses all the electronic control and makes it basically a manual valve bodied trans. My problem is the trans...
  5. Warewolf SD

    6 0n 6.5 wheel hubs?

    Merry Christmas all. I live in the land of trophy trucks and people with deep pockets. Southern California. Having neither of those I am able to buy used or new parts for them at good prices...Race take offs and new parts from sponsor changes etc. My predicament currently is this. I'm hoping to...
  6. Warewolf SD

    5.3 ls motor vs 5.7 lt1

    I have a 5.7 lt1 from a Silverado in my buggy now but some issues in running into make me wonder if a 5.3 might be a better solution. My concern is that the 5.3 wont fit in the same space as the 5.7 sits now. I'm mostly concerned with the width at the headers and dont have a 5.3 for comparison...
  7. Warewolf SD

    Toy Haulers That fit rigs like ours

    Thought this would be the best place to ask since guys here have large rigs. I am wondering if anybody here has or has seen toy haulers that will fit rigs like ours. Taller and wider than many. Im looking for something and seeing what, if any people have had success with. Thanks and continue...
  8. Warewolf SD

    Sold/Expired 20" Beadlocks 8 on 6.5

    Looking for 20" Beadlocks 8.5 to 10 wide, 8 on 6.5 with less than 5 backspacing. Thanks
  9. Warewolf SD

    Sold/Expired Raceline Monster 15x8 on sale cheap

    Not selling these myself or anything but stumbled across a real good deal for anybody looking at 15 inch racelines. They are on sale almost half off at the moment. Was looking for some 20" beadlocks myself if anybody runs across them.