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  1. ole heep

    4:1 NP231 crawl box

    Anyone got a good NP231 with a crawl box? Looking for a friend. Close to Knoxville if possible. Tim 865-Two57-Two628
  2. ole heep

    NP231 Transfer case lower gears

    Can anyone school me on what to do to get lower gears in the transfercase of a NP231? I think that is what a friend of mine has in his 1994 YJ 4CYL 5speed. He is an older guy that wants 36"tires. He has 34" LTB now. I am pretty sure he has 488 gears in diffs already and wanting lower gearing...
  3. ole heep

    WTB 14 bolt Complete diff or axles

    Looking to buy a complete 14 bolt differential or just 2 good condition spare axle shafts. Preferably no further than an hour from Knoxville Tn.
  4. ole heep

    Grizzly 14 bolt locker parts?

    I broke an axle and damaged my 14 Bolt locker. Does anyone know if you can buy parts to replace broken parts on a Grizzly Yukon locker? I looked on the web and couldn’t find anything as far as a parts breakdown or parts list. I have bought parts for a Detroit and rebuilt them, but I can’t find...
  5. ole heep

    Carfax help needed

    Wondering If anyone could help me get a carfax on a possible new ride for the wife? $40 for a report is crazy but it is good information for sure. Just asking for some help before I pay that kind of money. Any help is much appreciated! Vin# JTEBU5JR8H5465787 Toyota 4Runner Thanks Tim...
  6. ole heep

    Sold/Expired Wtb 07-13 Tundra camper top

    Looking to buy a camper top / shell for a 07-13 Tundra double cab with a 6.5' bed. Black in color is perfered but not a deal breaker. 865-257-2628 Tim. Knoxville Tn
  7. ole heep

    Sold/Expired WTB 37" TSL or 36"-37" IROKS

    I have a friend that is looking for a pair of 37" TSL's or a full set of 36"-37" IROKS. 15" wheel. Just need tires only. Plz call or text Tim 865-257-2628
  8. ole heep

    F350 V10 tow rig

    I am looking at a 2003 Ford F350 four-wheel-drive automatic for a new to me to rig. Has anyone had any issues with that motor and driveline? I know fuel mileage will not be great but any other issues?
  9. ole heep

    Stolen Beadlocks & 36" Iroks from Louisville Tn

    A very good friend of mine had some wheels and tires stolen from his house Sunday 9/16 in Louisville Tn near Topside Rd. They are 36/13.50-15 Iroks about half worn on DIY beadlocks 6 lug with worn neon green paint on outer rings and Black wheels. Tires are centercut /straight grooved on all...
  10. ole heep

    Coilover shock rebuild around Knoxville

    Anyone have someone that they can recommend to freshen up my Fox coilover shocks? Near or fairly close to Knoxville Tn.
  11. ole heep

    Lodging or cabin rentals in Harlan Ky

    Does anyone know of somewhere to stay "cabin rentals" in Harlan other than Harlan County Campground in Putney or Black Mountain cabin rentals in Everets? Putney campground is our preference but full, and last time we went to the Black Mountain cabins wasn't a great experience. So we are looking...
  12. ole heep

    Sold/Expired 43" or 44" Tire for a spare

    WTB a single 43"-44" tire for a spare. If you have a 8 lug wheel that you can sell with it that's even better. Tire can be old, worn, or repaired as long as it would hold air. Knoxville Tn Tim 865-257-2628
  13. ole heep

    Sold/Expired 4Runner Buggy

    1986 Toyota 4Runner Buggy 1996 LT1 with Howell Engine Management Turbo 350 with Art Carr shifter 203/205 doubler with twinstick shifters on 205 Front Dana 60, 513, Grizzly locker, Yukon chromo axles with Super joints, Warn drive flanges, High steer 5 bolt, Plated / reinforced knuckles, King...
  14. ole heep

    Sold/Expired Toyota v6 3rd 430 for DD

    Looking for a good low mileage stock Toyota v6 430 gear ratio 3rd member for my Daily driver. Knoxville Tn Tim 865-257-2628
  15. ole heep

    GMP this Saturday 12/2

    We have a small group going Saturday and wondering if anyone else going to be there or interested in going?
  16. ole heep

    What to expect at Pump Jack ORP???

    We have a group of us going to PumpJack this weekend and wondering what the park has to offer. I haven't been there and just wondering what to expect for trails and terrain. I haven't seen much online about the park other than the have had a few big events there. We are all in very capable...
  17. ole heep

    What's the best way to strip powder coat???

    I have a few parts that are powder coated and I would like to change the color on them. I personally have tried to blast them and that just completely sucks! I Googled this subject and seems that chemical stripping is the way to go, then blast them for final finish. Anyone have any other...
  18. ole heep

    Sold/Expired Toyota high pinion 410 ring and pinion gear set

    Looking for 410 gears for Toyota high pinion. I can't find anything aftermarket in 410. Tim 865-257-2628 Knoxville Tn
  19. ole heep

    Sold/Expired Go kart or go cart chassis

    Looking to buy a good condition complete go cart chassis. I have a good motor just need a good frame with a live axle and preferably a spring front end. We are just doing some field racing and looking to go low budget as possible. 865-257-2628 Tim. Knoxville Tn
  20. ole heep

    Sold/Expired Wtb 84-89 4Runner parts truck

    I am looking for a 84-89 4Runner parts truck. All I really need is the tub with a good roof, windshield, quarter panels. I would take a rolling chassis. Tim 865-257-2628. Knoxville Tn

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