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  1. poolman

    Radiator issue

    09 chevy 3500 6.0 runs 210 except at idle SOMETIMES. 50% of the time it will stay at 210 then others it will go up to 230 or so. Get this. Turn the heater on it gets hotter at idle. Replaced the thermostat twice, swapped out temp sensor. Flushed radiator. My local service guy threw a temp gun...
  2. poolman

    For Sale Polaris Ace

    I have a Polaris Ace 2014 that was bought new in 2016 as a leftover model. 1036 miles Many aftermarket parts, clutch kit, new battery, rock sliders, aftermarket full foors, full skids, 800 tires and wheels with a spare, warn 3500 with with a rope, bigger fenders, atv power steering, cage cut...
  3. poolman

    Sold/Expired Maxxis Carnivores

    I have 4 brand new 30x10x14 maxxis carnivores for sale. 4 miles of grass and a little payment. And the factory pro wheels. $900. I might sell just the tires. Text is best 502 600 1745. Thanks Anthony
  4. poolman


    I bought this to build but I'm going a different route. Toyota 4 runner, body and inside is in good shape for its age, all Toyota drivetrain is still in it. $350 Bardstown KY 40004 text is best 502 600 1745
  5. poolman


    Bought this from a member here. 2 Wheel Drive TH 400, I was told this come from Jasper, no miles on it. I thought this was a 4WD but its a 2WD. It will work on a pre np205 with a adapter. $250 Bardstown KY 40004 text is best 502 600 1745
  6. poolman


  7. poolman


  8. poolman

    What valve is this.

    I bought this on here in July and im not sure what valve this is. Its for sale but I'm not sure which one it is? I guess lock to lock numbers? Thanks in advance.
  9. poolman

    8 bolt H-1 rock rings

    I have a set of 8 bolt h-1 rings I had made Never used. They were made for the so youcan get to the bolt through the flames. $100 text is best. 502 600 1745 Bardstown KY 40004
  10. poolman


    I have a full hydo kit I bought from a member on here. Text is best, 502 600 1745. Bardstown KY 40004 $500 PSC pump, surplus center ram, valve, hoses, reservoir with filter.
  11. poolman

    Sold/Expired Coin operated dart machine. Bar Style

    Does anyone have one thats in good shape, I'd like to have one for the garage. :fish:
  12. poolman

    Tennessee, Alabama Florida handgun laws

    So we have a couple family vacations and a weeding scheduled in Florida. I have did some research but some of the laws look conflicting. How can you legally have a handgun in you're vehicle in these three states? I do not have a concealed carry. In Kentucky we can keep a loaded weapon in any...
  13. poolman

    Th400 manual valve body.

    What's the best option, trail rig with engine breaking.
  14. poolman

    Just Saying

    So Ed pulls a publicity stunt, like I posted. Tony gets butthurt over Kevin. Kel..... Well we don't know. Is this days of our lives??????????? So what's next? :popcorn: My bad Just saying
  15. poolman

    Vulcanizing a tire in Kentucky

    Anyone know of any place to get one done?
  16. poolman

    Sold/Expired 44" Bogger

    44" Bogger for a 15" wheel. Tread dosent matter. 1 or 2 Text me 502 600 1745 Thanks
  17. poolman

    Bolted Tires

    What's everyone's thoughts on bolted tires? What's the best way to bolt a set? I did read some old post, just wondering if it was worth doing?????
  18. poolman


    What's the best GPS out there now? I've ran 2 tomtoms for 2 years but I'm tired of buying one every year. Thoughts.
  19. poolman

    Sold/Expired 39" Iroks on 15" beadlocks

    39x15 Iroks on 15" beadlocks 8 on 6.5. 3" BS Or have a set of 6 lug beadlocks that could go with them instead of the 8 lug. Posting for a buddy text him 502 680 6277. Located in Frankfort KY $1,450 OBO
  20. poolman

    Sold/Expired Sold

    43 SX stickies, for a 17" wheel. Located in Bardstown KY text 502 600 1745. No plugs or patches. Sold. Thanks Hardline