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    Salvage 10

    it is looking good.
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    Drill bits

    I bought a set of Cobalt ones from Amazon. Price was ok. Quality has been good so far.
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    USA 6x6 wheels

    Someone will have the inserts, They are making them for wheels now, just gotta find them.
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    USA 6x6 wheels

    I have not tried Trial Worthy yet but I will. It looked like Hutchinson Wheels uses a similar system on both the o ring and the liner but when I contacted them trying to get some information they shut me down and said it was proprietary. Not sure I really understand that since anyone can...
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    USA 6x6 wheels

    I will have to take some pics before I put the last one together. I got them to go together but it sure seems like a ass backwards way to do it. I ended up using silicone sealant to hold the o ring in place upside down as I bolted them together. Worked on the two I have completed. Only...
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    USA 6x6 wheels

    I have a set of USA 6x6 wheels that I purchased with a set of 43 sx's years ago. I am in the process of switching tires. I know the wheels were re-centered at some point in their lifetime and I thought that was the only modification that was done to them. However now that they are apart I...
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    Official "Post your trail riding pics" Thread

    Thanks for taking the time to post up the pics. Looks like it was an epic trip.
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    Trail safety

    Some good information in this thread. I can personally testify that having people around that know something like the Heimlich Maneuver or CPR in your wheeling group can make an instant difference between life and death. Sucks that stuff can happen in an instant and ruin the whole deal but...
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    6L80 Tap shift issue

    Good information. It always seems to be a small detail that doesnt stand out for alot of this tuning fixes.
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    Race Yota 4653

    JB weld will fix that!
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    Help with gearing/tq conv.

    I am running 6.0/4l80/box of rocks doubler/205. 5.13 gears in the axles with 43's. My motor has a cam so it produces the appropriate 750+ claimed woopow numbers. ;) My converter has a 2300 stall. I am able to crawl it when doubled down and spin the tires as needed if the situation calls...
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    Race Yota 4653

    It sucks to be taken out by something beyond your control after putting forth all that effort to get to that point. Guess thats racing though.
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    Race Yota 4653

    I watched his qualifying run. Something broke on the big rock face after the first desert section. Dont know what broke but he limped it off the track.
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    6L80 Tap shift issue

    No help here as you obviously know that the issue is in the tranny. But I am following this as I am interested in learning the solution.
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    New guy checkin in

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Random Thoughts

    I find it odd that something like this "movement" can get so much attention yet, blacks committing genocide against other blacks in a foreign country will barely get a 3 second cover by a talking head. I personally would lend alot more value to these kinds of dogma if every time a mass grave...
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    Mighty MO

    The best option would be to build your own frame. This will allow you to accommodate your drivetrain, suspension, body mounts, and other such items in the strongest fashion possible as you will be able to limit alot of compromises. That being said, if your skillset or time constraints dont...
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    Tube notcher suggestions for home shop

    I have the pro tools one as well. While it is a quality piece of equipment, it does not do notches in bends which I think is a point against it. I have been looking at getting a different notcher that will work on bends etc so I this thread is great tech i think.
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    Reign of Rocks Trail Rig Crawling Comp

    I watched the first episode. They need to work on their commentary a bit but it is a extremely good effort. Much props to them for putting it together.
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    Best buggy skin material

    I used .064 aluminum sheet for my skins and .125 aluminum for my roof and hood. Overall it worked out well, my only recommendation is to get unpainted aluminum. I used painted for the skins and they ended up with little scratches in them so I ended up painting over them anyways.

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