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    USA 6x6 wheels

    I have a set of USA 6x6 wheels that I purchased with a set of 43 sx's years ago. I am in the process of switching tires. I know the wheels were re-centered at some point in their lifetime and I thought that was the only modification that was done to them. However now that they are apart I...
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    Belt grinder.

    Has any one built their own belt grinder on here? I recently purchased a 10" Baldor grinder. It is a 3phase machine. I forget the horsepower at the moment. I intend to change one side over from a stone wheel to either a 2" or 3" x 72" belt system. The cats meow would be a system that...
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    Harlan Ky 12/30 to 1/3/21

    A Group of us out of Florida will be in Harlan for the above dates. We are staying on the Evarts side, figured I would post up if anyone else wanted to join in.
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    River Rock November 6 7 and 8

    Working on setting up a ride at River Rock November 6 7 and 8. I have spoken to Steve once already and will reach back out to him this week. We have a buggy and couple of well built jeeps coming out NE florida. This is not a fund raising event unless people want to put up some money for...
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    Team 208 Motorsports

    Does anyone know if Team 208 motorsports is still producing their Baby Cam for the LQ9? Have Contact information?
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    Automatic Transmission rebuild or not?

    I put this in general population because I don't have any tech to currently add. I am looking for some opinions on whether or not it is worth trying to learn how to rebuild my auto transmission. I have a 4L80. If I remember correctly it is from a 96 truck. I am looking to upgrade some...
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    Sold/Expired S10 Truggy Chassis for Sale (SOLD)

    This rig was originally built by Brian who is on here as 1tonZR2. He had this rig rolling on 16" Coilovers front and rear, 42" pitbulls on a 60/14 bolt combo. Drive train was a 5.3/4l60 with a 231/205 doubler. Full hydraulic steering and cutting brakes. When he started his buggy build he...
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    Firewall Material

    I am in the middle of my buggy build and am constructing the firewall. I have intended to make it out of steel mainly because I will have a child with me most of the time when I wheel and felt that it would give some additional protection from fire or other issues. However I would like some...
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    Harlan June 7-9

    Anyone going to be riding Harlan the weekend of June 7, 8 and 9?
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    Planning a trip

    Thinking of planning a summer trip for wheeling. If someone wanted to be be able to visit an adult entertainment establishment while out from under the prying eyes of the womenfolk, which park in Alabama would you go to? Choccoloca? I dont remember there being much around Morris Mountain...
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    Another buggy build

    No name for the buggy yet. Had thought of going with Black Sunshine but it really is not sticking yet. Just going to have to let it develop on it own. I have been collecting parts for a while and am still a couple of weeks away from being able to getting any real progress on the build but...
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    Sold/Expired 77 Jeep Cherokee

    SOLD located in Jacksonville, Fl. 1977 Cherokee Chief with body mods. Rolling on Chevy 8 lug 44 and 12 bolt with 35" Boggers. Tires have about 25% tread left. AMC 360 with T-18 and Dana 20. Six point cage, sliders, front tube bumper, and three point harnasses. Could be made street...
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    Sold/Expired Two Transmissions, and shackles for sale (SOLD)

    All items SOLD> :woot: :woot:

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