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  1. scooter60

    Sold/Expired GM Dana 60 and 14bolt factory 4.56 gears from CUCV Axles

    I have the gears I removed from my CUCV axles from my gear swap. I ran these gears up until about a year ago when I switched to 5.38s. They came from axles I removed from a CUCV I purchased through a government auction. The Dana 60 gears are Dana Spicer gears and are stamped as such. The 14bolt...
  2. scooter60

    Cage Rebuild on my 85 Toyota

    Back in October during a trip to Harlan, I made a dumbass driver error in the dark and rolled my truck. It trashed the drivers side A pillar of the original exo cage and pushed it in to the cab. That caved in the cab A pillar, pushed the roof down about 8 inches, shattered the windshield and...
  3. scooter60

    National Corvette Museum installing an offroad obstacle course at the racetrack

    https://www.wnky.com/ncm-motorsports-park-to-get-off-roading-course/ This is a link to a news story that a buddy sent me. Not much for most in this group but it is very interesting. The race track at the museum is state of the art from what I have heard. I'm sure the offroad track will be...
  4. scooter60

    Sold/Expired 8" Single End PSC Ram

    I have a used 8" PSC ram for sale. This is a 2.5" bore full hydro unit. It will come with 3/4" heims on both ends, 3/4 bolts with nylock nuts, and -6 fittings. I was using this ram before I switched to a 2.75" double ended ram. The seals are in good shape. It does have some scratches from wear...
  5. scooter60

    Thanks for the card and decal Blackbeard.

    Card and decal received! Thanks Blackbeard. How do we go about getting some more of these stickers? I wanna start planting these things everywhere. I'm in for at least 10-20 of them.
  6. scooter60

    Harlan Hardline Memorial Ride? Oct. 3rd-6th.

    With the talk on the "Dead Thread" about the Hardline group rides I went back to see if this ride had been scheduled yet. I could not find it so I thought I would start a thread. I know the turn out last year wasn't the best but this is a great time of the year to wheel Harlan. I booked a cabin...
  7. scooter60

    Trail Comms

    Last weekend at Harlan, Kel and I talked for a short time about trail communication and alternatives to CB's. The conversation started when Kel saw our group getting our UHF radios synced on the same channel. This past weekend happened to be the first trip I got the chance to use my new...
  8. scooter60

    Sold/Expired SOLD!!!! Thanks Hardline!

    I have a few items for a Toyota 1 -ton swap project. I recently swapped my leaf springs for some churched up air shocks and have some stuff that someone else may need. Sold!!!!!!!First is a Dana 60 pinion to Toyota driveshaft flange. It has both toyota bolt pattens and will not include the...

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