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  1. pushrod-racing

    gen 3 lq9 piston/rod and crankshaft

    Piston/rod has been found thanks to hardline!!!
  2. pushrod-racing

    gen 3 lq9 piston/rod and crankshaft

    before i purchase new looking to see if someone has an lq9(flat top) piston and rod. also need crankshaft. due to a lifter coming apart my reluctor wheel was damaged and also a piston skirt. call or text 931-808-3369
  3. pushrod-racing

    6.7 powerstroke. Good or bad????

    I’ve had my 2018 for barely over a year now and absolutely love it. I kinda like Cole had a fairly modded Lly duramax and I just thought it had power. The day after I purchased my truck I went and picked up my 28’ race trailer. Pulling a trailer that size with the duramax was no challenge but I...
  4. pushrod-racing

    Pics of your shops/garages/specs

    My place of employment recently swapped over to led fixtures. Me being the tightwad/broke bastard I am, bought 20 of the T5ho high bay fixtures they removed. They where selling them for 10.00 each. I used 11 in my 40x60 and if it wasn’t for there being a 20x10 office/bathroom area I would have...
  5. pushrod-racing

    Pics of your shops/garages/specs

    9200.00 and I have to rip all the double bubble out
  6. pushrod-racing

    Pics of your shops/garages/specs

    My shops 40x60x16 and only has the thin double bubble stuff in it. Just bought the place in August. I recently had a spray foam place come out and quote doing my shop and I guess I should have done some research. First I didn’t know there where options and also I had no clue how expensive it is.
  7. pushrod-racing

    Sold/Expired Ls swapped s10

    Is the horn loud?
  8. pushrod-racing

    6.7 Cummins vs 6.7 Powerstroke

    Cumberland customs(tied to Cumberland dodge and Toyota in cookeville)told me its roughly 1200.00 to change cloth seats to leather on any of the big 3.
  9. pushrod-racing

    6.7 Cummins vs 6.7 Powerstroke

    I bought my 2018 lariat 6.7 in December. And I did have an issue where brake lights stayed on all the time but other than that it’s been amazing. It has so much power and torque for a stock truck it’s crazy. I went from a mildly built lly duramax to this and it’s not even a comparison. I know...
  10. pushrod-racing

    Enclosed trailers

    I’ve had 3 haulmarks (ranging from a std covered wagon, to a fully loaded 30’ edge), 2 vintages one outlaw and one bandit, and 2 South georgias. If you think your getting a steal on a South Georgia trailer even if you crawl all under it on top of it and inside of it and it’s perfect be prepared...
  11. pushrod-racing

    Transmission Shop in Nashville

    Curt Bryant on here, I think his user name is bronco parts or something like that. He has an auto shop in that area and is a jasper dealer. For the warranty jasper stands behind that’s your best bet. tel:615-293-3187 If it hasn’t changed I think this is his number.
  12. pushrod-racing

    Gas Golf Carts

    Mines like a 1992 Yamaha. It’s a single cylinder so it’s most def not going to get you there first but will get you there every time. It’s a 4 stroke I put gas in it once maybe twice a year. In drag racing you learn quick electric golf carts do not cut it. I keep saying every winter I’m going to...
  13. pushrod-racing


    Well this thread went to crap lol. It’s probably not the best....but the recipes what I grew up on and my family enjoys it. Easy chilli 2lb ground beef 1 large can tomato juice 3 tablespoons chilli powder 1 jar Heinz chilli sauce 1 large can bush mild chilli beans Simple Brown the beef...
  14. pushrod-racing

    Coal vs Pellet Grills

    I have an older traeger I inherited from my father in law. I’m still wanting to get a true fire box smoker because I don’t feel I’m actually smoking the meats now. It is handy for reverse searing and so on because you can writhing 10 min go from 165deg to 450 just by turning a dial. I’ve done...
  15. pushrod-racing

    Sold/Expired SOLD!!!!!!!

    Re: 2004 GMC LLY Duramax 2500HD Selling because I’m buying a new truck. Text 931-808-3369 it keeps telling me photos are to large.
  16. pushrod-racing

    Sold/Expired SOLD!!!!!!!

    169,800 miles and will go up as this is my everyday vehicle. Truck is a 2004 slt with tan leather interior. 6.6 Duramax and Allison transmission. I've had this truck 7 years and it's done me well. The factory Bose CD player jammed a cd so only am/fm and xm satellite work on it. To my knowledge...
  17. pushrod-racing

    So my realtor told me to f**k off today!!!!

    She works for American way. I have tried getting her broker to return my calls. I'm considering sending him a link to this thread via email lol
  18. pushrod-racing

    So my realtor told me to f**k off today!!!!

    I am dreading going home and opening my basement door after work. Thinking today will be like 4-6 of them lol
  19. pushrod-racing

    So my realtor told me to f**k off today!!!!

    I'm considering pushing my tool box and race car outside and letting gas/lighter take over situation.
  20. pushrod-racing

    So my realtor told me to f**k off today!!!!

    Well I'm starting to think this woman has possessed me lol. I've live here 3 years, never in those 3 years have I ever seen a snake on my 3acres. I'm sure there here though. Came home today and went downstairs in my basement to drop some parts off. Heard a noise behind me, A FREAKING SNAKE. I'm...

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