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    Jeffry Epstein ???

    Who believes he actually stretched his own neck?
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    Holley injection or procharger dealers?

    Is anyone on here a holley injection or procharger dealer on this site?
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    Thoughts on NFL players?

    What's the general consensus on the bullshit going on in the NFL today? I can tell you the Titans will not get a dime more of my money!
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    calling people on their bullshit???

    I find that the older I get the less I can tolerate listening to people spill absolute bullshit, Its like it offends me to my core to think that whoever it is thinks I'm dumb enough to believe the crap they are slinging.And I'm not talking about just a stretch here or there I mean a drawn out...
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    Sold/Expired Junk roller rocker arms & big valve springs

    Anyone have a busted old ass set of roller rockers for a sbc? I just really need one to take apart, I'm finishing up a design on a set of shaft rockers, and I need to see what bearings everyone uses. Also need some valve springs for a 650 lift cam or bigger, they are just to put on a head...
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    Driveshaft tech

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Idk3BVDVHq4&sns=em I thought this was cool. Everyone building driveshafts needs to watch this.
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    Hog hunting

    I've had the urge for a while to go hog hunting. Anyone know of any good places without having to drive to Texas?
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    2wd driveshaft parts

    Where is a good place to buy some 2wd drive shaft parts, around Nashville if possible????
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    Sold/Expired 70ish c10 engine frame mounts

    I'm in need of a set of c10 frame mounts for a 6 cylinder engine, these would be the mounts that are located in the rear mounting holes. A set off of a 67-72 should work. Amazing how so few of these old trucks are laying around junked out anymore. (615)428-3489
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    What to do in Charleston

    Any of you peeps ever been down here? We are here checking things out, seems pretty interesting so far. Any recommendations on things to do or places to see?
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    Used ls's

    Would someone explain to me why every used ls engine has 70,000 miles but every used truck has 200,000. :dunno:
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    What's in your drawers?

    I'm setting up a new tool box at my shop, and got to wondering what's everyone using to organize your sockets, wrenches and such? Pics would be helpful.
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    Truck titles? Alabama to TN

    What is involved with moving a truck to Tn from Al. I think all they have is bill of sales but we require titles and a bill of sale here?????
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    Sold/Expired Sbc Victor jr. Intake

    Does anyone on here have a victor jr intake for a sbc, also wouldn't mind finding one for a 6 liter also.number is (615) 428-3489
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    Portable winches on trailers

    So I got me a new 18' tag trailer today and am wanting to mount my old winch on a plate and make it easily removable, possibly with a receiver type setup. Let's see some pictures of how you've done it.
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    Tig welder coolant?

    How often do you change the coolant in your self contained tigs? My Synchrowave 250 dx miller is acting up while welding aluminum, my welder repair man is led to believe that the coolant "might" be contaminated, he says he checked everything else out and the machine checked out fine. The...
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    Trailer Tie Down Methods (Best Practices)

    What's your thinking on tying down the frame instead of tying down the axles? Seems like it would be hard on the shocks?
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    Ultra4 specs??

    Anyone on here know what is the most common wheel base and under frame clearance on your average ultra 4 car? I would be curious to see if there was any difference between an ifs car and a straight axle car also.
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    Sold/Expired scs straight drive

    I have a brand new, never had oil in it, scs straight drive, it does come with the Mark Williams adapter to go to a glide or 350 turbo. I will try to get the ratio off of it today. Priced at 2,200 for case and the adapter. Phone number is (615)428-3489 located in Dickson Tn.
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    Sold/Expired 04 Dodge Nv5600 6 speed transmission

    I'm looking for an NV5600 6 speed for an 04 Dodge 2500 4 wheel drive. Anyone on here have one laying around?