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  1. infamous1

    Favorite Wheeling Picture

    Got a poser pic in my old CJ
  2. infamous1

    Mid level yj build

    I stuck a mojave in my CJ and it works decent. It keeps the windshield partially defrosted and provides a little feets heat.
  3. infamous1

    Will a Rear Detroit unlock during a Front Dig?

    Yeah it will unlock. My Detroit doesn't tear the grass up at all when I am not on the throttle.
  4. infamous1

    Used Police Tahoe.... to trade or not to trade?

    It seems people are afraid of them for some reason. I had a nice 2 door X game warden Tahoe that I had to about give away years ago. I even tried to trade it in at a couple of dealers they wouldn't even make an offer on it. Everyone kept saying "ex-government?" and then not interested. It was a...
  5. infamous1

    Tire pressure sensor question

    Several handheld units can do it. Just look at the functions before you buy one or borrow one from a buddy. My buddy just lowered his TPMS settings on his 2019 Cummins truck with his.
  6. infamous1

    Tire pressure sensor question

    You will need to reprogram computer to a lower value. You can buy a handheld tuner that will do it.
  7. infamous1

    Finally heading to the powder coater

    Looking good!!!
  8. infamous1

    Hardline Ride 2020?

    Awesome, Figure it out and let us know!! Thanks!!
  9. infamous1

    soft sided cooler

  10. infamous1

    soft sided cooler

    I use chapstick black (classic) on my RTiC zippers lol never had an issue. I have an Ozark also and it leaks if it tips and the zipper is really "notchy" I guess is a term. I have honestly beat the crap outta the RTiC cooler, keep it in the cab of the truck for road trips, ratchet strap it to...
  11. infamous1

    soft sided cooler

    RTiC They have them on sale right now. I love my 30 can softsided cooler. It is airtight and keeps stuff cold. I have had it 4 years or so and use it more than any cooler I have ever owned. Easy to access stuff inside also vs the bag style coolers...
  12. infamous1

    Cool to be back

    Welcome! Good looking Sammi!
  13. infamous1

    Gator Jeep

    I feel like a Saturday and case of beer and this ole gal would be cutting hot laps in the field. Maybe not DOT legal but riding none the less. I love these ole jeeps.
  14. infamous1

    Name my new rig.

    So my latest rig is a stretched CJ5 and it has a safety wire windshield in it. My kid walks into the shop takes one look at this abortion and says "It looks just like my school gym". The name "GYM" stuck lol.
  15. infamous1

    Long time away!

    Hells YEAH!!!! Good looking ole rig!!!
  16. infamous1

    Long time away!

    lets see some pictographs!!!
  17. infamous1

    Long time away!

    sooo looks like all of thems gone....
  18. infamous1

    Anyone still riding?

    A couple of guys here at work have been stopped by local police and had to show their essential papers, how would that work with a rig in tow?
  19. infamous1

    Finally heading to the powder coater

    Sweet!!!!! What color did you decide on?