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  1. Mattman347

    Toyota 5:71 gears

    Looking for 5:71 gears for a Toyota front, will consider a 3rd member or whole axle also! Let me know what you have before we go buy new ones.
  2. Mattman347

    Offroad videos

    Hope this is ok.... If you all get a chance, check out my daughters youtube page she has put together, it use to be mine but I did nothing with it and now she has been adding videos like crazy! If you have met her you know she is all about anything off-road! She literally lives and breathes...
  3. Mattman347

    Making trip to Moab UT, looking for trail suggestions along the way!

    Me and Abigail will be headed to Moab UT, we should be getting there around June 1st. I am planing on taking I40 from Nashville all the way there. We have been told there are some great trails in New Mexico! Looks like we will be headed north out of Albuquerque NM on 550. Just trying to get...
  4. Mattman347

    2006 Trailerman 40’ gooseneck

    Anybody interested in a 40’ gooseneck trailer? ***It does NOT come with the camper. *** I just bought this but It’s just too long for my driveway entrance... I’m thinking about going to a tag trailer instead. Has good tires all around, brakes work good and is in good shape! It’s a 2006...
  5. Mattman347

    Sold/Expired 18’ gooseneck, heavy duty! SOLD

    Anyone looking for a good very heavy duty trailer? This one was just too small for me to carry all my stuff!! 18’ deck. Dual 8000 pound axles. Has 17.5 rims, one tire has a spot in it that looks bad but we went all the way to Colorado and back without issues on it. It has disc breaks on the...
  6. Mattman347

    Sold/Expired 05 and up auto hub from f250/350

    I had to replace a u joint on my 2012 and the auto hub came out in pieces. Anyone got one they want to get rid of?! Need one ASAP! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Mattman347

    Taking a trip to Moab UT in July

    We are taking a trip of a lifetime to Moab UT June 28th-however long it takes and will be going through Colorado on I70. Will be towing the hauler with my 97 7.3l. Does anyone know of a good place to camp and be able to wheel along the way? Im fully self contained so does not have to be...
  8. Mattman347

    Redneck hauler $3000

    I bought this thing off here a few years back and it has worked awesome for me and the kids. I have modified it to work great all around as a camper and to haul all my tools/welder/compressor etc. I am looking to go to something different in a gooseneck slide in camper design. The good...
  9. Mattman347

    AOP Friday April 20th-23rd

    My daughter Abigail is hosting a ride at AOP the 20th-23rd if anyone is interested. We will be doing trails from mild to wild. This was her idea so I€™m letting her roll with it but thought i would ask on here if anyone wants to come. There are already several of you planing on making it i...
  10. Mattman347

    Broke down around for Payne Alabama...looking for a trailer.

    Anyone on here near me that i could borrow a trailer or leave my tow rig and busted trailer at? We are headed to a diesel drag race in ft Walton beach FL. Call or text if you can help. 937-935-8144.
  11. Mattman347

    Getting a title for my explorer, any ideas?

    We are going to be making a trip out to Moab this spring/summer and I am wanting to drive the explorer on to the trails if I can instead of towing it. The issue is when I got the explorer years ago I never put it in my name and have since not been able to find thetitle (if I ever got one, cant...
  12. Mattman347

    Sold/Expired 2012 F350 CC SRW 6.7L Power stroke king ranch

    I am thinking of selling my 2012 F350 6.7L 133,000 miles :eek: $35,900 King ranch leather interior with black accent Still have MINT king ranch floor mats, weather techs have been in since I got it. Touch screen Navigation and back up camera 4x4 with diff lock 3:55 gears 35x12.50 R 20 Toyo...
  13. Mattman347

    Well I hope these hold up a little better

    Got me some alloy 31 spline shafts to replace the broken OEM ones, I hope they hold up for a little while anyway. The ones I had in the 9" must have been twisted for a while now and one gave up on boatramp.
  14. Mattman347

    Sold/Expired Looking for a 4x4 c4 tail housing asap

    Sticky tires are hard on things! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Mattman347

    Sold/Expired 36 12.50 15 super swamper sx tires on beadlocks SOLD

    I have a set of 4 tires and 4 bead lock rims for sale. Bolt pattern is 5 on 5.5 They have been cut to enhance traction They have been used, a lot, but all still hold air for weeks before you have to put any in them. Located near Murfreesboro Tn, will not separate. Only reason I'm selling is...
  16. Mattman347

    Sold/Expired Toyota crawler SOLD

    SOLD!!!!!! Posting this for a buddy of mine who is old and doesn't understand how to make a post...????. It's an 84 Toyota, 4 link rear, leaf springs front, on propane. Locked front and rear, dual cases, "custom" cut 36" TSL tires. Right now it need a radiator fixed but he is trying to...
  17. Mattman347

    Golden Mountain open tomorrow? April 16th?

    Was thinking about going to adventure off-road, but if gold mountains open was thinking about swinging up there with a buddy of mine. Both places are great when it's dry! Didn't know if anybody knew if Gold mountain was open I can't get anybody to answer the phone.
  18. Mattman347

    Sold/Expired Set of 39.5 tsl's for trade.

    Friend of mine is looking to trade his 39.5's for some 36" tires with beadlock rims Toyota 6 lug pattern. Located in Woodbury TN. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Mattman347

    Sold/Expired 6.4L Powerstroke Truck Competition tuners

    I have had a few people asking me about competition tuners that will delete the DPF on these trucks so I figured I would post them up. Take a look here, we will be adding products all the time! Any questions, just ask! :dblthumb:
  20. Mattman347

    Some fun with the tow rig today... Someone needs to build a chassis and let me do the 7.3 engine! Lol

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