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  1. muddinmetal

    Custom Fabricated Jeep Rock Crawler 2 Years Into Project

    This ad is gayer than two dudes ****ing.... there are things listed for $1000 with more info and photos. If you respect your fellow offroaders and this forum, you could at least put in some effort.
  2. muddinmetal

    Used stickies

    I bet $100 she is real and just misunderstood her dad. It seemed obvious to me. And y'all ****ers dicked it up
  3. muddinmetal

    Used stickies

    We used to have a "show us your boobs" emoji....
  4. muddinmetal

    Used stickies

  5. muddinmetal

    Used stickies

    Y'all have no clue how to treat a lady...
  6. muddinmetal

    Diff covers Solid and Motobilt

    Price on the 60 shipped to 35976 please
  7. muddinmetal

    Diff covers Solid and Motobilt

    I want the 60 cover. Will you ship or do you ever come to north Alabama?
  8. muddinmetal

    Coleworx/Bluetorch Evil Bastard 4 seat buggy

    I have always loved this rig!
  9. muddinmetal

    TDI Golf

    It was a joke. VW got busted for have "illegal emissions" on their TDIs. Apparently they make more smog than peterbilt lol My buddy had an older Jetta that got 60 mpg pretty regularly on the interstate if he didn't push it too much
  10. muddinmetal

    2 bilstein coilovers $500

  11. muddinmetal

    Baby mudders

    Watch the Interco blem page often. You can get some good deals on little tater diggers there
  12. muddinmetal

    Front diff from tracker

    There are 3 or 4 different ratios you could end up with and I think all of the 3rds are aluminum. The grand vitara or XL7 is steel I think. I can't remember all the differences at the moment. May as well find a pair of the factory 5.12s while you're at it?
  13. muddinmetal

    2020 CSC FAB BUGGY

    The case may have busted because of the way it was mounted, chassis flex, or may other possible builder related issues?
  14. muddinmetal

    Grand wagoneer

    Wish I had money
  15. muddinmetal

    42x14R17 Irok Stickies

    I'll text you tomorrow, but any interest in trading for 39 reds? One is 99%, 2 are 95%, and one is 45 %
  16. muddinmetal

    Pump or Lever Action Rifles

    I have a Super Blackhawk in 44 I love. I hear you on the Henry's though! Damn nice guns
  17. muddinmetal

    Pump or Lever Action Rifles

    Looking for lever or pump action rifles chambered in 30-30 35 rem, 357 mag, 405 Win, 41 mag, 44 mag, 444 Marlin, 45 colt, 450 marlin, 454 casull, 45-70, etc. Also I like revolvers and other old guns Post, message, or text. Thank you, Tyler (2five6) 7three8 zero47one
  18. muddinmetal

    Small Pistol Primers

    The last place I saw them in stock was getting $10 a hundred and that was almost 2 months ago
  19. muddinmetal

    Small Pistol Primers

    Good f'n luck! Primers are the new currency my friend. Can't find any anywhere. Maybe Shooters Warehouse in Cullman?
  20. muddinmetal

    43 stickies / KMC Beadlocks

    $1800 is what I got for it

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