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  1. Wagfabulous

    Diesel fuel is in short supply

    I really dont know where to start with that "what would you like him to do about it" comment . Rather than getting vulgar and being foolish let me ask you this . If trump was in office right now , would fuel be this high ? Would Russia and Ukraine be at war ? The answer is no . Donald Trump is...
  2. Wagfabulous

    For Sale 2006 TJ RUBICON w LS7

    Talk about a sleeper jeep , GLWS .
  3. Wagfabulous

    Wanted TJ axles 8.8 or Dana 44

    Drivetrain Parts for sale off a 2005 Jeep TJ... massive upgrades compared to stock or standard Dana 30-Dana 35 Axles. We are switching the Jeep over to one-tons can negotiate trades for one tons if ... https://www.lsn.com/parts-accessories/jeep-offroad-parts-for-sale/6790514.html?ref=share-api...
  4. Wagfabulous

    HP Dana 44 axles.

    I have two welded wedge dana 44 front ends out of 77-79 fords . Lockouts are junk but axle shafts okay . $300 a piece . Located in McMinnville,Tennessee. Call or text 931212666zero .
  5. Wagfabulous

    rock wells 3 axels 1500$

    The grammar or pricing? Or both ?
  6. Wagfabulous

    Full hydro steering, unequal length tie rods causing major handling problems?

    Im sure youve checked steering tow in but that sounds exactly like what you are describing. It would also be worth checking your wheelbase on both sides as well to make sure they match . Its possible at higher speeds if you have a link bar thats out of adjustment it would do some weird tracking...
  7. Wagfabulous

    Full hydro steering, unequal length tie rods causing major handling problems?

    The valve maybe worth looking into . I had a buddy that blocked the port off too. His put massive amounts of heat and his steering would try to lock up at anything above 20 mph . I think he had just a regular Saginaw pump too .
  8. Wagfabulous

    Coalmont TN OHV New Park info

    I take it you've had to do it lol. I figured after they got alittle more up and going they would work on the roads more.
  9. Wagfabulous

    Coalmont TN OHV New Park info

    Probably locals lol . That road coming out of there is narrow too , especially if you meet another rig. I did notice a pretty sweet swimming hole with a rope swing .
  10. Wagfabulous

    Coalmont TN OHV New Park info

    Yes sir heat was working . We happened up on some folks on sxs's with no cab enclosures and I was like theres no way . It had to be in the mid 20s down there . I went to air my tires back up to leave and my valve stem caps were froze on .
  11. Wagfabulous

    Coalmont TN OHV New Park info

    First trip to coalmont this weekend. We had never been so we kinda feeled our way around. Seems like a pretty sweet place to ride . It seems like there's plenty of room for trail cutting. The only issue I see is if you have catastrophic failure theres no way your buddy could pull you back to the...
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  15. Wagfabulous

    CL of the day

    I guess I'm stuck in the past . I remember when you could get used aluminum ramps for $75 . So its still foolish in my eyes.
  16. Wagfabulous

    CL of the day

    https://nashville.craigslist.org/tro/d/nashville-custom-ramp/7432413140.html I wish I knew what to say . . . .
  17. Wagfabulous

    CL of the day

    That’s pretty impressive if they hold up to 40’s, idk if I’d be able to get away with using them, I tend to drive like a pissed off teenager in the woods and end up driving by Braille Yea I'd say it depends on driving style. There's gonna come time when anything will break . I try to use my...
  18. Wagfabulous

    CL of the day

    I know the 44 front out of jk seems to go pretty steep because theres so many ppl wheelin them other than that idk . I considered putting jk axles under my waggy just because aftermarket parts used are more plentiful. From that I've seen mild wheelin they hold up with 40s.
  19. Wagfabulous

    Rowe Tide!!!

    I bout lost my supper when that alabama receivers knee kicked outta gear . Ouch aint the word.