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  1. betteroffsingle

    What battery do y'all use in your rig?

    I'm using a Diehard platinum agm. It's a rebadged Odyssey
  2. betteroffsingle

    Say it ain't so, HP axes night riding

    Comments mentioned something about locals complaining. I can see them being pissed about the no muffler having, super loud ass rigs bouncing off the limiter at night.
  3. betteroffsingle

    Say it ain't so, HP axes night riding

    Hate to see this
  4. hpnonightride.png


  5. betteroffsingle

    Balance beads

    I tried balance beads in my DD F250. Did nothing. Road force balance did though.
  6. betteroffsingle

    Labor Day Weekend 2021 - Who - What - When - Where?

    Likely going to HP for shakedown run in new (to me) rig in sig that is supposed to be delivered on or before 9/3
  7. betteroffsingle

    Memorial Day

    Got there at 8:00 Sat morning. My cousin rode bitch. Rode thru the rv area and didn't see much signs of life so we took off. Ran: Maverick Goose Ghost Rider Timber Rattler Viper Sidewinder Brokefoot all the way out the top Backdoor Upper k5 Waterfall 21 22 Luckys to Luckys loop but 3 rigs at...
  8. betteroffsingle

    Memorial Day

    Any of the HP crew there yet, how wet and sloppy is it
  9. betteroffsingle

    Memorial Day

    I might daytrip HPO Sat or Sun, got no one to wheel with. Maybe I could fall in with some of ya'll?
  10. betteroffsingle

    Labor Day Shenanigans

    Called AOP and they confirmed. So the place will covered up and the trails will be parking lots? Not cool.
  11. betteroffsingle

    Labor Day Shenanigans

    Did I just read correctly that it is $50/person to ride AOP Labor Day weekend because of Great American Crawl/Rockstar Garage being there?
  12. betteroffsingle

    Labor Day Shenanigans

    Cabin owner says best if we drop trailer and buggy at the park vs his place. (Cabin is on private property and you have to ride a sxs across a field to get to it, park your vehicle in their driveway). Hope it will be ok unattended overnight.
  13. betteroffsingle

    need a f 250 Sterling 10.5 ring & pinion

    I do but too far from you
  14. betteroffsingle

    Labor Day Shenanigans

    I'll be in touch for sure. More than likely Sunday is when we would ride. I'd prefer both Sat and Sun but we might do some waterfall hiking Sat.
  15. betteroffsingle

    Labor Day Shenanigans

    Maybe we could meet up with some of you and wheel, not near as fun wandering around some place new by ourselves.
  16. betteroffsingle

    Labor Day Shenanigans

    Never been to AOP, we are staying in a cabin in Bryant that weekend and may drag the ftoy with us. Cabin is only 11 miles away from AOP
  17. betteroffsingle

    allied beadlocks

    Yep, bought one for a spare, looks exactly like my Allieds
  18. betteroffsingle

    Memorial weekend

    Was going to Hot Springs, rest of group bailed........story of my life. Cancelled room res, going to do something non wheeling related. I need new, reliable wheeling friends.
  19. betteroffsingle

    Anyone riding Hawk Pride this weekend?

    I want to ride but not solo

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