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    Mile Marker VS Warn

    nobody mentioned the Superwinch EP9.0, which is a great low-cost winch. i'm running a warn XD9000 and very happy with it; great linespeed.
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    Naches powerline trail

    that lower trail is a serious eco-disaster. i've not been so pissed off before the winchfest that was in-store for us when we got to areas 50~75 yards wide and pits side-by-fawking-side that only a submarine would know how deep they were. make my blood boil just thinking about it!!!! if...
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    Need some tires

    35" tires come in two flavors: weak-asss, radial 35's and burly, bias-ply gettin' it 35's. you might see a D30 spin the radials but I think it's a pretty short lifespan if you get those crawlies to hook up well in a bind. good to hear you've got the 8.8 already. the Atlas is cool but I...
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    Need some tires

    it's not too late to cancel your order and find a good 8.8 rear, and a used NP231 to rebuild with the tera kit :awesomework: second time i've said this today, but broke sucks. my .02 ... you're digging yourself in deeper here!
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    Need some tires

    another one bites the dust! forget all this bullshit, find some used radials to get you around and work on some real axles for that thing. big tires / crawler box = nasty noises and a broken daily driver for you. wise up! :kiss: edit: and then get the tera-low for your NP231 and settle...
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    jeep 4.0L oil pan -

    '06 wrangler 4.0L - is there any difference in the oil pans between the older wranglers and XJ's? mine is bashed in really good and I don't want to have to pay for one at the dealer next time it's in for service ... which needs to be soon as they've got a recall out on the clutch linkage...
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    Brightest Street Legal Headlights?

    bulbs and wattage aside, i really like the euro-pattern lenses. even with a generic bulb I think the light pattern is much nicer. on lo beam it's almost as good as a fog light and the high beams are very tightly focused compared to DOT spec lenses. i just use whatever cheapy bulbs i can...
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    check this buggy out

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    Whats the new hot battery?

    a buddy of mine uses these in his defender 110 and is a happy camper (literally) :D
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    check this buggy out

    so war_jeeper - is your little jeep that can going to spank the face @ reiter this weekend with some vid-cams rolling? :haha::haha::haha:
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    check this buggy out

    whoa ... that thing is massively overpowered ... i love it :redneck: i think it'd work alot better with some different tires ... and I'm guessing the driver hasn't had much seat time.
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    Brightest Street Legal Headlights?

    what he said - swapping the harnesses to run right off the battery makes a huge difference itself.
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    So one of the guys at work bought his wife a Rubicon

    bullshit. i'm probably 5k less on my 32k jeep. wheel or die. no exceptions 4 n00bies!!!!
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    So one of the guys at work bought his wife a Rubicon

    just take her to Evans - I've ran that park forwards and backwards BONE stock ... good place to develop skillz
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    So one of the guys at work bought his wife a Rubicon

    so is mine :D it gets around just fine ... when I'm not spinning 360's sitting on the shovel :flipoff:
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    Which locker?

    if you're not going to upgrade your axle shafts, truetracks front and rear aren't a bad way to go and will get you quite a ways further down the trail than being open. they're easier on the drivetrain than a detroit. welded rear or spools is not good for a street driven vehicle :rolleyes:
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    Tires To Run on Shotcrete?

    hmmm ... i wonder what those trxus STS mall terrains would be like on that stuff... the regular trxus compound is pretty soft. might be a good "this event only" kind of budget tire over the procomp XTC compounds and krawlers...
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    School me on Speakers

    christa - anything but pioneer :flipoff: below is the 30 and over tutorial :D i'm sure some younger guys will pop on and skool us on all the latest. i tend to look for Inifinity, JBL, or Polk Audio - the Polks generally sound really good. check out fleabay - there's usually a glut from...
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    Jeep TJ suspension

    meh - I think that's kinda splittin' hairs ... sounds like typical web wheeler advice :flipoff: if you're running a reasonable (12") shocks and you go ahead and lengthen the LCA's, redoing that hideous frame mount while you're at it it'll be just fine.
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    Jeep TJ suspension

    I've been thinking of this same thing ... except using a long-arm TT of some kind to re-use the front link mounts, and building the radius arms myself. have you thought about just 3-linking the rear? a Y-arm connected to the frame-side mounts and running down to a truss seems easy-peasy.

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