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    fj80 vs dana 60 front end

    That's no ****! I went from toy to full widths to toy and back to full widths after only 6 months of falling over on every line at the rocks and at least once a day on the trails with the toy axles.
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    Rim Butte

    Couple of us headed that way Oct. 7-10 to camp out and wheel. Meeting/staying at the Ponderosa Staging area https://www.google.com/maps/dir/43.667649,-121.5059549/43.6302434,-121.1005205/43.633451,-121.1074221/@43.6332352,-121.1074125,155m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!4m1!3e0
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    Goatbuilt JHF buggy build

    Digging it man!
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    Dana 300 4-1 LoMax gears

    You better have not gone to the rocks without me buddy...
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    Back to Oregon

    Cline and Rim Butte's again, May 18-21 if anyone wants to tag along. Headed down for the Rim Butte work party and might try and squeeze a run in at Cline as well
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    Cline and Rim Butte

    Headed back down to eastern Oregon Feb 24-26 if anyone wants to join. Plan is to hit Cline Saturday afternoon when we get down there and Rim Butte all day Sunday then putt home Monday morning. Will be staying in Redmond
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    Sold/Expired Iroks

    Stupid questions but what do they measure out at now for height and how do they do in the snow compared to bias plys? I have a buddy looking to step up from 37" STT's
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    What's a good ball joint?

    Trying NAPA HD ones, supposed to be better than Moogs... we shall see, Lifetime replacement warranty at least :D
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    Gambler 500 - I guess it is time to learn about VW's

    Saw the Dirt Every Day episode when they took the van through the Gambler 500, looks like a cool deal for sure
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    ...This Project needs a name build..

    Oregon has some good wheeling! What part you headed to? Already have plans to get back down to the Redmond/bend/sisters areas in the spring
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    Eastern Oregon

    Going to hit Cline Butte and Hoodoo Oct 22nd-23rd Sunday/Monday if anyone wants to join. Have a funeral Sat is the reason for the Sun/Mon trip. Crashing with in-laws part of the weekend and Hotel in Sisters rest of the weekend
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    S&N Fab Bravo 2RC.

    I'm waiting for both of you guys... :rb::cheer:
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    Finally....Da new rig..

    Looking good man! I'm getting excited. We actually going to get to go to the rocks at the same time for once?
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    So i bought a 51 Whilly

    Going to run Fordyce July 20-23 this year... Might try to hit the con time permitting... Sorry to hijack...
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    Sold/Expired 2000 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 Cummins 6sp

    New price $17,500 obo
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    Sold/Expired '94 Toyota Rock Crawler

    New price to NW peoples... $9500
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    Pros/cons of ORV tabs?

    Call WSP and ask for exactly what you are saying. Had a gal meet me here in town and inspect my rig, then she filed the paperwork. Can't remember costs but it wasn't to bad and its legit. Then you go into DOL and pay for a new title. Title now says 94 Toyota blah blah, ORV only non-street legal
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    Sold/Expired 2000 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 Cummins 6sp

    Anyone on here looking for a clean un-molested older tow pig?

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