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  1. F

    Help with 4 link problem

    Hello everyone. I bought a YJ that had been stretched with coil overs at each corner. I am trying to work all the bugs out and have a problem with the suspension unloading when I have it in 4wd, hold the brake and put it in drive. The front will lift about 10 inches. It will also suck down in...
  2. Smalls

    '92 YJ linked on D60's

    '92 Yj with 4.0, manual trans, and 241OR t-case. 9,000lb winch. 40" TSL's on TMI beadlocks. 117" wheel base. Front HpD60, 5.38 gears welded, 4 linked 7/8 heims w/ 14" air shocks, full hydro steering. 1310 driveshaft. Rear D60, 5.38 gears w/ spool, 4 linked 7/8 heims w/ 16" air shocks, TK1...
  3. GlipGlop

    LJ on Tons

    The LJ has been a work in progress since before I ever even had a driver's license. The Jeep is somewhat pulled together currently so I felt that it was a good time to start up a build thread in hopes to share some ideas. I am by no means a professional when it comes to fabrication and so please...