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Crawling for Reid, 2020


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Nov 22, 2011
Woodstock, Ga
Today is a bit of a sad day for the Crawling for Reid team.

Reid is doing well, in large part due to the amazing support of the CFR family that has stood by him and his family over the last five years. I know we have said it before, but this community has touched us so deeply with your love, dedication, and support. Time and time again you have blown us away with your fervent prayers and acts of kindness, and generosity. There is no question that you have changed the trajectory of Reid's life and have been a lifeline to this family. This event and getting this little man help has been at the center of our hearts and our thoughts and activities for the last five years. It has been an amazing journey that time and time again has shown us the overwhelming goodness in people. In the midst of all the blessings, life can also throw a few challenges in your path.

Regrettably, we are at that point where we need to divert some time and resources to the new challenges. We have always prided ourselves in trying to produce a great event for you all and we would never want to disappoint you with doing something half way just because we took on too much and couldn't deliver. So again regrettably, we have decided not to hold Crawling for Reid in 2020. We don't know what the future holds but just know for this moment, we will be refocusing on other family needs. We want to thank Tom Pickett, Shawn and Kristina and the rest of the Adventure Offroad Park family for continuing to be so supportive of the event and understanding about this decision. AOP has been an amazing partner and we will forever be thankful for all they have done and continue to do to support Reid. They have graciously offered to let us continue to sell CFR gear and take donations at the gate so we can continue to give some support to Reid. We will also link to Reid's Paypal page in case you still feel led to continue supporting our little man. We will continue to post updates here so you can keep tabs on Reid's progress over the next year.

So, please stay in touch and keep checking in. Reid and his family love hearing from you all. We are going to miss seeing you all in March but are trusting that God has a plan. May he bless each of you for all you have done.

PayPal Address:

[email protected]
Thanks for posting the full write-up. Hate to read there won't be a Crawling for Reid in 2020, but certainly understand as well.

Glad he's doing well all things considered.
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