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For Sale Jeep TJ tube buggy for sale $32,000.00

Piros 1

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Mar 5, 2012
I want to clarify that I did not do the original build but have made many improvements. I have a custom built tube buggy with a 2005 LQ4 6.0 liter Chevy engine that I have no idea of the exact miles or run hours it has on it but was told when it came out of the donor truck it supposedly had 46,000 miles so relatively low mileage engine. I do know that the rig has less than 70 hours on it since the rig was built based on the hour meter in the rig, it had 42 hours when I purchased it so you can see I just don't get much use out of it. I have always ran Royal Purple synthetic oil. I do have a 3 quart accumulator I installed with a manual valve under the dash. Art Carr turbo 400 with a reverse manual valve body, Art Carr shifter and torque converter, Atlas 2 transfer case, high pinion Dynatrac 60 up front and GM 14 bolt in the rear, both with 5.38 gears, Detroit lockers, alloy axles, 8 on 6.5" bolt pattern, front has CTM joints and Solid brand axle flanges, Dynatrac differential covers on both axles. 16" Fox coil overs all four corners with Eibach springs, 3" Fox hydraulic bump stops, 17"x10" StazWorks 3 piece wheels, 43/17.50-17" sticky tires(These are getting quite old, they are about 80% tread, hold air just fine but starting to dry out and crack.), Corbeau seats, 5 point harnesses, PSE full hydraulic steering, Ron Davis 2 stage radiator, triangulated four link rear, and three link front. There is a lot more I have forgot and just to many build items to list. I have a folder full of build items. I'm 69 and just don't have enough time to make use of it and running out of room to store it. Everything works as best I can remember and the rig runs great. I start it and allow it to get up to normal run temperature as well as keep fresh fuel in it and fuel stabilizer. It has never been flipped on its lid or laid on it's side, this rig has not been run as hard as it should be. This rig is more capable than I am of driving it. I have many photos I can add or send, just let me know. At this time the winch in the photos is not included in the price.


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