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So I'm a tard about RC so need advice


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Jan 18, 2009
The steering servo on my Wraith **** the bed so I ran to the store for a new one w/o doing any research. The guy sold me a Savox SA1230SG when I asked for a slight upgrade from stock LOL. I've had issues ever since the install. When you try to steer and throttle at the same time it cuts out like the LIPO cutoff is hitting. After actually reading, it seems the guy may have sold me a bit more than I asked for and I'll need a BEC for that powerful of servo.

Question is, what BEC should I get and should I replace the ESC also? Currently it's all stock other than the servo and a 27T motor.

Speak slowly I'm reaaaal dumb. LOL
Just wire in the Castle BEC, 10 amp I think... $21 and some change. Make sure you wire it directly to the battery leads before the esc and directly to the servo. Plugging it into the receiver wont help... ill see if I can find a link to the wiring diagram... Those BEC's are programmable but the Castle Link costs more and you have to buy it separately but out of the box it will help. If you're not in a big hurry I have a new one I can program for you and you can just send me a new one later or just PayPal me for it...

https://www.amazon.com/Castle-Creations-Bec-Switching-Regulator/dp/B000MXAR12 Shop around, might find them a few bucks cheaper but this is the one you want


The way they tell you to wire it up and plug it into the rx makes it flow only the current the rx will pass. Usually not near enough for any of the high torque servos. Your ESC should be fine :awesomework:
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