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  • hey crash. was hoping you could help me out...Im jesse smith up here in bham..ranier ridge rams. I believe Kevin and I got a 22re from you years ago,,,, any ways...Im having issues getting my booby longs warrantied... was hoping you could call me and let me know if theres anything I can do or not thanks Jesse 360-220-7847
    Hey Mike this is Dave I was wondering how my diffs were coming along.I know you been a busy boy.Just checkin in to see whats up.Shoot me a message or call me 425-422-5736 thanx Ben Convicted=Dave Potts
    Crash, I would like to apologize to you, the board and it's members for my post. I had no business posting my complaints on the board. I appreciate verry much what this board does for the community and my post only defiled it. Again I apologize.
    Hey Crash, my name is Brandon and im a friend of Mark and new to the forum. He told me you might be able to set up a detroit locker for me. Just wondering if thats something you could do and how much it would cost me. My # is 425 754 5185. Thanks
    Hey crash
    This is jason I work for John at auburn car repair..
    So john blew his headgaskets on the duramax so I get to do them.. YA
    I was reading on the duramax forums and if you do ARP studs you should pull the body is this right and how hard is it. Any help you could give me or time savers would be very helpful.
    got a question for you...I went out and got a new car and the alternator went out on it its a volvo xc 7o need too get the alt. out who do you use as a repair guide at work? I was looking into going with the emachanic chiltons repair guide but dont know if it is worth $30...Any help would be apreceated..
    ok crash i think its time to ...pay to play.i cant believe im saying this........but i love this site.how do i go about this.hope its not to much as i am a poor laid off operator.id like to be able to post picks.i think im sapossed to pay.and whats up with a sticker for my runner buggie ?
    Thinking of asking for a new screen name.... nothing to stupid (spanaway mudder is stupid) or gay!.... what can ya come up with.....think its funny when people start poll threads about name changes.... figure I would leave it up to you n Krista to post a poll thread.....
    It seems like all the posts arent coming up when i hit new posts. Because my wifes lap top is coming up with posts mine is not, Shes been watching the stuff for sale that chop shop posted for K2blazen and it wont show up on mine at all. Ive searched and every thing. Am i missing more also?
    How could you dislike me. Im fricken cool. I got no beef with you eather some times we just dont see eye to eye. Besides its not like im easy to get along with... It is what it is,
    N thats why i can see my self buying into the star. I was only trying to make my point No B.S
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