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    Coalmont TN OHV New Park info

    I was thinking just that. Figured someone with a brush cutter and 4wd tractor could likely have their trails clear in a few hours.
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    Custom PRP seat garbage

    PRP and Mastercraft made seperate headrests in the past. Not sure if they still do.
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    6L80 Tap shift issue

    Just for future reference, are you just using the RADesigns with Winters shifter now, or need that plus the speartech module to get auto plus tap shift?
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    47" sticky bogger

    88/32 tread depth is crazy... wonder if they can be grooved for more like a 44"?
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    Custom buggy hauler

    What about putting expanded or grate down the center? It still is open to drips/cleaning but you can lay on it. You could have the panels remove/hinge to load spares or wood under the "deck". I have a trailer that uses catwalk type grate for the deck. The trailer pulls like crap, but being...
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    Suzi Q Samurai buggy build

    That pic doesnt show the half of it.
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    Kid crawler

    I suspect you will want to step up to a 33" tires quickly. Even though the 8v is anemic, you have alot of gearing there. Also check out SXS tires for possibly cheap options. You can find stock takeoffs for a 15" wheel, often for cheap.
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    Low Budget rear engine, 37"s

    But the math using 32.2ft/s2 to actually prove 1=1 is interesting.
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    For Sale TJ Buggy for sale - $18K

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    Low Budget rear engine, 37"s

    Only thing about metric that bugs me, is kg isnt a unit of weight, but a unit of mass. Im sure that is based on using weight for everything in the imperical system, but 1lbf = 1lbm, so there is that.
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    Kid crawler

    Just FYI, the sami axle is narrower than the kick. The kick rear is closer to a toyota width. Most that have put the sami axles, run spacers to match it up.
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    Custom buggy hauler

    I really like the dedicated rig trailers too, mostly since it gets the rig down out of the wind. My biggest concern, is trying to load a broken rig. If it isnt built too specific, you might could switch with a friend, and put the broken rig on a flatbed and the other rig on the hauler. My...
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    Kid crawler

    I believe you can put the kick gears in the sami third. I recall there being an adapter or something. The steel housing is stronger than the kick alum one. Are you using the kick for parts, or SAS it? If keeping it, I would gut as much as possible, to help with the power.
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    I have no idea what I'm doing aka the worst Ultra4 4400 build thread on Earth.

    gotcha. In the last pic, it looked like the top of the fairlead would be even with the hood.
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    Custom buggy hauler

    I would go 7k axles and 20-22ft, just for the options. If the buggy is what its going to carry 90% of the time, that might be overkill.

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