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  1. poolman

    KOH 2021

    Is rhere a link ro rhe shootout that I'm missing or just YouTube it?
  2. poolman

    Proud Dads

    How am I just seeing this?? I'm shocked. Congratulations sir. And she definitely didn't get her looks from you!!
  3. poolman

    Im looking for this rig

    Good call Luke. Definitely buggy68. I've bought 3,4 rigs off him
  4. poolman

    Let's see your tow rig!!!

    Nice to see Angry Fab back on here. I've almost PayPaled some money to him about 15 times to build me another buggy. Wish I'd never sold the last one it was awesome.
  5. poolman

    Let's see your tow rig!!!

    Nice Chuck!
  6. poolman

    Custom buggy hauler

    I just bought this. If you want his number pm me.
  7. poolman

    Anyone in Denver want to make $100?

    Man, that jeep went wherever you pointed it! Hell it followed my buggy with no problem!!!
  8. poolman

    For Sale Polaris Ace

    Lol! 4 grand buys it. And I'm losing money at that price.
  9. poolman

    Radiator issue

    No the heat works great. BUT it gets hotter at idle with the heat on. Explain that????
  10. poolman

    Radiator issue

    Thanks for the replies. A rad was more than that and it's only a couple years old so I assumed thats not it. But if it is the problem is there a better way to flush it out besides the off the shelf stuff?
  11. poolman

    Radiator issue

    Oh and replaced the fan clutch
  12. poolman

    Radiator issue

    09 chevy 3500 6.0 runs 210 except at idle SOMETIMES. 50% of the time it will stay at 210 then others it will go up to 230 or so. Get this. Turn the heater on it gets hotter at idle. Replaced the thermostat twice, swapped out temp sensor. Flushed radiator. My local service guy threw a temp gun...