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    RBD 2021 @ Hawk Pride - Nov 25-28

    I keep staring at mine hoping it’ll pressure wash itself…no luck so far though.
  2. ridered3

    Peterbilt flatbed

    Forgot about y’all’s trucks being stock so that explains the differences in mpg.
  3. ridered3

    Peterbilt flatbed

    Good deal all around. I’m surprised your F250 got that bad of mileage with your old enclosed trailer. We get right at 13 for the Hawk Pride trip grossing right at 23k. Any idea what your loaded setup weighs now?
  4. ridered3

    Peterbilt flatbed

    Well how was the trip in the big rig? What was your overall mpg? Also, what would you like to change on this setup?
  5. ridered3

    RBD 2021 @ Hawk Pride - Nov 25-28

    Great time as always at Hawk Pride for RBD. Minus Thursday the weather was great (albeit cold and windy). Our group didn’t ride as much as we’d of liked to, but covered a bunch of ground when we were riding. Will get some pictures and a basic write up posted sometime this week.
  6. ridered3

    New years eve AOP

    That’s awesome all around.
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    Black Friday 2021

    Looks like TMR Customs had all sorts of stuff going on sale/cell/sell.
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    Pro Rock Stock Class XJ Build

    Time to buy some Iron Duck Racing shirts or pullovers at the link below: https://www.customink.com/fundraising/iron-duck-racing?utm_campaign=mobile-campaign-page-share&utm_content=iron-duck-racing&utm_medium=social&utm_source=copy-link
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    Black Friday 2021

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  14. ridered3

    Peterbilt flatbed

    Coming together nicely. Looking forward to checking out the new setup.
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    RBD 2021 @ Hawk Pride - Nov 25-28

    RBD 2021 week is upon us! New CartoTracks Map is available for download at the link below. Had some Scavenger Hunt info as well as some of @Speeding favorite trails marked. https://cartotracks.com/Maps/MapDetails.aspx?PreviousPage=Catalog&MapID=51e5d785-37c1-4b30-86c9-822a69c1bc8f

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